Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Shake Legs days over

Over are my shake legs days. I found a job today and they want me to start tomorrow!~ So damn fast that I am still not mentally prepared yet. Suddenly cannot sleep till afternoon liao. Abit sad lah. Then again my mum said that 7 months of shaking legs is enough for anyone. True also. It's time to make some money again and maybe one day I will shake legs again lor. Hahahaha.

I will be starting work at Aspial Corporation which owns Lee Hwa, Goldheart, Citigems and Maxi-cash. That means I get to see lots of jewels everyday. See also no use. Not mine mah. But I buy jewels got discount lor... I am not a jewel person. I only buy fake jewels so far.

Haiz... Ok la, need to work tomorrow liao. I must Zhen Zuo!!!

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