Monday, April 27, 2009

Flying off again

I am going to Jakarta (again) this coming Thursday. I have been going to Indonesia quite often for performance recently, maybe we have yuan fen. This time round, the title of this performance is 'Best of ASEAN Performing Arts' and the ASEAN secretarist as well as ministers will be there. So my troupe leader is kind of nervous.

She told us, can only succeed, cannot fail.

Actually we everytime perform also cannot fail one mah.

Anyway, we are going to set off this Thursday at freaking 750am. Yes, that means I have have to be in the airport at 530am. I am going to sleep on the plane but too bad it's not going to be a long flight.

This time our sponsor is very generous. They booked Singapore Airlines tickets for us. Each ticket cost about $400+ which is considered quite ex for such a short flight.

Yay, I will be bring my mung mung there. I think mung mung will be happy to go overseas again. :)


Anonymous said...

cake + tea:

Have a safe and fun trip. Best wishes on the performance.

Careful of the swine flu (people flying around and make stops at airport, etc.)

Personal comments, i often have a little bottle of hand sanitizer with me. And I take vitamin everyday.

Anonymous said...

all the bets to your show!! xj