Friday, April 03, 2009

Go To DMC!

I just watched the jap show 'Detroit Metal City'. It was a very nice show!!!! I kept thinking of the funny scenes and they made me smile. :)

The story is about this guy from the country side whose dream is to become a singer who sings sweet love songs. With his dream, he went to Tokyo and ended up in a death metal rock band! He thought that the songs he sang in the band was disgusting but he was very popular and the band cannot survive without him. So he has like a double side of him.

I think the guy, the main lead, acted very well. He looked very cool as Lord Krausser (DMC).

Him as the death rock singer in the troupe called Detroit Metal City.

And he fell in love with this girl who (didn't know he is in the band) told him that she thought the band was horrid.

And he went home..

I think this guy is very suitable to dress up as a death metal singer. His face brings up the make up very well.

Go see this movie! I told Ponyo (miss chua) and she loved this movie so much that she cut her hair like the guy! Now she got a nickname call mushroom head. lol..

Here is a mtv from the movie, Satsugai, meaning KILL~

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