Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ponyo 2 人组

Recently, I have been going out with my nanyin teacher Miss Cai Ya Yi. She is 2 years older than me and I oftern refer to her as Miss Chua in my blog.

We tried to refresh our memories on how we became good friends because initially I didn't really talk to her when she came over to help us perform. Then it came back to us of the time when I first went to her class, Biyu jie told me that Yayi teacher like to watch movies too and we can go together. She then later told Yayi the same thing. Lol, the first movie we watched together was Ponyo on the cliff by the sea. After that we 一气呵成 (as described by yayi).

Since that day we watched Ponyo, she started to call me Ponyo and I will sometimes call her ponyo too. She told the other members that we are Ponyo 2 人组. Hahaha. Mad.
She told me that if I wanna blog about the adventures of Ponyo 2 人组 then I must start from the day that we watched Ponyo. Lol, that was so long ago but I did what I was told, I started from the Ponyo movie.

After that, we watched the movie DMC. She love the movie so much that we now keep imitating the actions that Lord Krausser did and the way he speaks. Yayi also became a fan of that actor and I suggest her to watch Deathnote. She loved it too and sometimes she will imitate L.

Crazy girl, she go and cut her hair after watching DMC... cut into 'mushroom head'! I can't
believe it. I will never cut my hair like that... LOL

So now, we will plan what to do on the weekends because we are both so bored and looking for new exciting stuff to do. So one day, we decided to go to Macritchie reservoir for a walk. That day was qing ming festival and Yayi suddenly recited the poem:


At this moment, we saw a wooden sign post pointing to us the start of the trial in Macritchie so I told her the poem should end as...


LOL~ Hahahaha This line now became a classic.
We took a super long walk in macritchie, covering 3 trails in order to reach the HSBC treetop trail. I think we walked about 6km to get there. Yayi almost died before reaching treetop trials. She was so tired and we were also rather unlucky as it was drizzling slightly that day.

The longer trail of 3.7km was full of pebbles. We trek all the way up and down to reach our final destination before 5pm.

Yay~ Finally we reach the treetop trail! The scenery up there was very nice, we can see very far away some HDB flats.

When we got off the hanging bridge, we came by this long flight of stairs. Yayi almost broke down, look at her expression! We were so damn tired by now but we persisted on to climb up that flight of stairs. In fact, we have no choice, lol, this is the only way out.

Tired of the stairs, we sat down to take photos. You realise I didn't take photos of myself. Ya, cuz that day I was sweaty and dead looking so I didn't want to take photos. Only Yayi took cuz she wants to let her husband see her adventures.

Hee hee... we were fascinated with this big leaf! I said it was bigger than my butt!

When we finally got out of the reservoir.. (after more than 10km of walking) we were so dead and we couldn't find the way out. The only way to go out is to walk along the singapore club road till we reach Thomson road but yayi could not walk any further so we called a cab. At first we didn't know where we were. There were no road signs or any landmarks. Heng, I got GPS, so I used my handphone to find out we are at singapore club road.

Abit stupid right, lol but ya, we called a cab to take us to plaza sing where we can have some good food. Then later on, Yayi husband came to meet us.

The adventure doesn't end here. Yayi husband wanted to buy the electronic drumset from Yamaha but the person told him it's out of stock and ask him to buy a more expensiveone. It's $2500 for crying out loud! Yayi didn't really like the idea of buying the more expensive set so we loitered there till the shop close, lol... Finally they decided to visit the other yamahas the next day to get the drum set. Heng for them because they got a cheaper set at the other shops and I mean really alot cheaper.

So now, yayi husband is even busier playing with his drumset liao...

More adventures of the ponyo team coming up! Will blog when I have time...

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