Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Fun in Jakarta

I am back after 2 crazy days at Jakarta. Lol. The first day was damn tedious. We got to the airport at 5.30am, got on the plane at 7.30am and the plane was supposed to fly at 7.50am.

Ho ho... first of all show u guys my new baby, Da Mung. He is mung mung little brother. hee hee...

I can never rotate this picture so bo bian.. its like this. But you can see that da mung is very cute.

Me and da mung. Hee hee... Da mung is very nice to hug and i hug him to sleep everyday.

When we got into the plan something happened.....

Surprise surprise. It was SQ we took that day and we were all belted up waiting for the plane to take off when the announcement came..
Dear Passengers, we are doing a maintainence check which revealed an error in the plane. The error has been resolved but nontheless, we decided to change the aircraft. Please kindly remove your baggage and wait at the transit area for the next flight at 9.45am.

We were all like, what the ????

Some of us were already fast asleep, some were comfortably lying on their pillows getting ready to sleep when we were told to change plane. Lol. It's funny or what. So in the end, we all got out of the plane and snoop around airport. We were in Terminal 2 which looks similar to Terminal 1. Yayi went to take a look at her perfumes. She has been wanting to get one. Susan tagged along with us. I saw the perfume which KL wants to buy. It's $122. Damn ex.
Then after walking around, me and yayi started fooling around on the travellators. Hahaha.. We walked backwards on it and it felt like walking on a threadmill, like we were not moving at all. Susan thought that we were crazy. We were indeed crazy and laughing so much. Suddenly, I told yayi to stop fooling around else the security will chase us out. :P

Suddenly we spotted the OSIM Isqueeze. Yayi thought that we will need to pay to use that but I told her its free. We both raced towards the massager and Susan came with us. We wanted to let Susan do the massage first as she is eldest. We should respect old people mah. She didn't want to try it so never mind lah, we both did it. Hahaha.. Susan poor thing. She ended up taking photos for us.

After spending like 15 minutes on the OSIM, we decided that it's time to go to the boarding gate. SQ has prepared refreshments for us to compensate for their ridiculous delay in our flight. Some people were happy with just the refreshments but some people complained that they cannot afford to be delayed.

Ponyo look so sad to fill in the white card because she is filling for 3 person!
C'est la vie! Sometimes bad things happen and you can't stop it lah.


Anonymous said...

cake + tea:
Plane check, better be safe to be sorry lo.

Miko said...

Ya.. I guess it's better to change plane but making us wait till 945am is too long..

Anonymous said...

cake + tea:
I can understand, coz I dont like waking up early, if i have to wake up early for the plane, then they make me wait until 945am, i would be really piss off.

angel koh said...

大mung really big lo (or you really small)

Miko said...

hhaha its da mung thats big.. thats why he is DA mung. i am not small at all!