Thursday, April 23, 2009

KTV Queen

KTV is one of the most popular thing to do in Singapore.

One fine evening, the Ponyo team and tiam soh were at the food centre opposit Harbourfront eating cheap and good food when suddenly we talked about KTV. Yayi's character is 事不宜迟, immediately go after eating. We booked a room and all the way chiong down to dohby ghaut. Lol, want to do means do it right away!
So the trio arrived at DG at around 8.30pm. We started singing and Yayi is a powerfuly singer. She kept singing all the very high pitched songs like 'xin bu liao qing' etc for the whole 3 hours. She made me sing along with her and I almost died out of breath after like 3 songs. Trained vocalist is indeed different. She doesn't feel tired at all and continue wailing away..

Tiam soh on the other hand is a conservative singer. She is Biyu jie's mummy by the way. She sang the older and slower songs. LOL, it's like an interval after some crazy pop songs we sing. We sing 4 pop songs then she sing 1 oldies. Intermission for us to rest.

The part went high awhile later on and we started jumping around and dancing. Tiam soh also joined us in the dancing hoping to shake off all her tummy fats. Hahaha. It was so funny. I jump and dance until I so out of breath. Yayi continued to sing her high pitched songs and asked me to sing along. I told her I dun wanna sing because I know my voice will 'break', the song is too high for me. She said that's ok,'just treat it as it's me who break voice. Hahaha..'

-_- Bad ponyo.

At 11pm, we completed our KTV singing session walked all the way to the MRT... Thus ending a crazy night....

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Anonymous said...

She look quite different with her glasses on.