Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Dearest PS2. Please wake up...... Are you dead or what? Refusing to move like that? I put the disc inside you, you also no reaction like it wasn't there at all. Even when you react, you behaved like you haven't eaten for the past 2 months. No energy at all and making funny noises.

Not like I treat you very bad or what. I never slam you or drop you before but now you want to die on me! What the hell?

I know you are getting on with your years but you are not that old ok. Only 3 years!! Not old to the extent that you cannot even spin a f***ing disc.

I spent so much time with you, day and night, day and night, night and day, played with you. It's not very fair that you now die on me when I just bought like 15 games! Don't tell you are exhausted because you are not! There are people who use a PS2 24/7 and they didn't have problems.

Last resort. I am sending you into the hospital for a check up. Ask the guys there to unscrew you and see what's wrong with your organs. Especially that eyeball of yours. It's not beaming at all. Haiz. Weak. Just totally weak.

Pekcek, pekcek, pekcek!


Anonymous said...

How about your cellphone? Can you download interesting games from cellphone?

How much $$ to fix the ps2? If it's the same as the nintendo...., then...

Consider buying Wii? you can play RPG, and variety types of game too, and of course that unique Wii movement game. Play alone, with family or group of friends.

I think it may be fun to have some 'movement play' in RPG game. Such as when you fight monster you really swing your hand, not just pressing keypads.

Anonymous said...

cake + tea, at above, that is >_< !

Miko said...

Sigh, the problem is, alot of games I like are exclusive to PS2. You can't play them in any other consoles. Moreover, I just bought like 15 games? If I were to give it up, then I wasted all my effort looking for all those games.

I thought of getting Wii but the display of it is not as good as PS yet. And anyway, it doesn't have the games that I like. So the only solution is to repair it.

Also, cellphone games are not that interesting because the screen is small and the games are not interesting or deep enough.

I have no idea how much the repair will be but if its about the price of a new one, I will get a new ps2.

Anonymous said...

cake + tea:

"...I have no idea how much the repair will be but if its about the price of a new one, I will get a new ps2..."

True...is there a new model of ps2? And did the manual book say anything about "repair only at authorized store" ? I think that's important too.

And wasn't there a 2nd hand NDS you were thinking about? perhaps that can be another option too.

Is Singapore moist climate? perhaps the game is moist?

or "someone" played the game and dropped, when you were not around
>_> ! (specious look) ah~~ don't hit me >_< for hinting.

Good luck with the game, don't feel so bad la. Play with computer games temporary la.