Sunday, November 09, 2008

Went Shopping with May

Today I met May Teng to go shopping at orchard. We very long never go shopping liao. Finally got chance to shop so I was very happy. Else my life sucks, boring.

Outside Taka, we saw these cute things.. Lol..

What is this? Dunno lor but they looked very funny and they dragged their feet when walking.

Lol, cute right.

When we went over to go to Isetan, we saw this white Lamborghini... Woot!

And this one is very special right!

May got flu, she went to Guardian to buy a medicine Fedac. She told the counter woman that she want Fedac but apparently, she is not the pharmacist. So she used Webcam, yes de WEB CAM, and ask the real pharmacist (god knows where) what is Fedac. The pharmacist told her, she searched and held the pills close to the webcam to show the person on the other side. So funny lor and the pharmacist's voice was booming over the speakers so loudly that everyone in the store can hear what he is conversing with his friends. :D

Later on, I told may that I want to go put diamonds on my hair so we went to find the shop and I was very happy that it was just $3 per crystal. Lol... I put 5 but now I feel that I should put more.

May saw me put and she felt that its a good idea too because she likes shiny stuff and after much consideration, she decided to do it to..

I took this photo at home. May got help me take one photo but that phot can see my ugly face so I took another one myself. Nice right my crystal! It's pink and white colour. I going to put more soon and perhaps I will put fake red strands of hair around my head.

And this is a pic of May with her pink and white crystals too. Nice right??? This is a permanent thing lor, it can last for about 2 months. Think if got perf, I should go put more. Very nice.


sHeDiCo said...

where did u do it? the diamond thingy? isit far east? i am thinking to do hair extention! haha

Miko said...

Yah at Far East there... You want to do hair extensions? VEry painful one leh... I heard

Anonymous said...

cake + tea:

hehe, miko, did your mom or collegues at work notice the crystal on your hair?

sHeDiCo said...

my friend do she said not painful lei... i think i will use the bind method instead of clipping.. think it will last longer =)

Miko said...

cake+tea: my mum noticed and she said, i should put more! Lol... my colleagues also noticed but they didn't comment much about it.

Shedico: When washing hair will be very painful right when you keep pulling it... Also I think it's not so good for your hair.. They will become weak and drop easily.