Monday, November 03, 2008

Concert de Lee Hom

On 1 Nov, I went to see Lee Hom's concert, MUSIC-MAN. It was a fabulous concert!

My ticket costs me $154!!! Starhub gave out free whistles which was a bad move because it made too much noise in the enclosed stadium. My friend sat in front of a super fan who kept blowing whistle and she almost went deaf! We didn't use the whistle at all. Didn't want to add on the noise.

North Entrance, we go in here.

It's big inside the indoor stadium. Heard that there are about 10,000 seats and it was a full house!

Mung Mung inside the stadium with me. He also like Lee Hom! I gave the whistle to him because I know that he can't blow it. Lol...

My friend Junhua and his gf. He got each of us a light stick and I got a pink one!

My pink light stick and Mung Mung.

There was a goody bag on each seat and inside the it, I found this balloon thingy which comes in a pair and make lots of noise when hit against each other. I asked Junhua's gf to take this pic for me while I blow the balloon but Junhua kept talking nonsense and made me laugh. Thus the ugly pic.

Look at the crowd!!!!!

The theme of the concert was super hero. Lee Hom said that if he can choose to be one of the super heros, he will choose to be Music Man.

The very big LED screen can let all the audience see Lee Hom clearly.

Talented Lee Hom played the violin, piano, guitar and drums in the concert. He also played erhu in his previous concert too.

After he finished singing one of my fav song, Zai Mei Bian, he disappeared into a box and within a second, appeared right on the aisle very close to us! Wow, magic!

Lee Hom 'poof' and appeared. Can't see clearly but he appeared right there. Btw, all photos were taken by my hp. I didn't bring my digi cam and that was a mistake!

Pictures from 'Lust Cautious'. Awww, he's so cute aint he?

Coming next was my favourite part, the chinese opera theme!!!! He sang Gai Shi Ying Xiong as per the photo above. It was WONDERFUL how he can mix beijing opera and kunqu into his music. Simply lovin it.

Opera theme... super nice!

The concert ended with a comic picture of Music Man......

It's Lee Hom's concert, how can the blog end without some decent pictures of him to show how cute he is???

Handsome! My cup of tea. Lol, but not May's. She don't like this kind. To her, he is too ah gua... where got ah gua? He also very muscular!

Overall great concert. We dance and sang together. It was fun. I think if you watch a concert, you must know many songs from that singer so that you can fully enjoy, sing along and dance~


SmartChic said...

Not my cup of tea too, I cant feel his 帅气 and cute-ness despite you describe it in such an exciting way, haha... :p

Nevertheless, glad that you enjoyed yourself during the concert. I also enjoyed myself alot during 小猪 concert, haha...

那种感觉是无法形容 & 别人无法体会的,呵呵~~

Anonymous said...

cake + tea:

I think Lee Hom is good looking. But sorry he is not my cup of tea.

Raymond Lam is my cup of tea! He is so handsome.

Miko said...

hahaha, I am glad that this type is not you all de cup of tea... like that I got more chance, less competitors liao lor!

Anonymous said...


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