Sunday, November 02, 2008

Good Cosplay

Came across some really GOOD cosplay when I was looking for some information on FF. They really look like the characters in the game! I have got a German friend who was good at cosplay too but I don't have her photo here.

Posing as Khimari. This person has got all the details. I wonder how he/she made the face.

Posing as Lulu. Though her face doesn't look like Lulu, I think she did a wonderful job in producing this costume and hairstyle. Looked exactly like the game.

Cloud. He looks a bit petite for Cloud but still, he has done a good job with the hair and costumes.

This one does looks like cloud with the face half covered. Just that Cloud has got rebonded silky hair instead of this.

This one also, good costume but the face don't looke like Yuna. I think the face can't be helped ba.

Vincent Valentine. My german friend cosplayed as him before and she has done a wonderful job on the costumes and props. This person above and below also did a good job. Look at the gun and the hand.

But this person a bit girlish liao, Vincent was more manly in the game. I don't even know if it's a guy or girl.....

Yuna. If the eyes bigger, I think she will look abit like yuna.

Lock's fav character, Rikku. He likes her because she is sexy. Lol...

The hair is very nice...

This one is very very good because even the face looks like Tifa.

The last pic on the right is Tifa in the game and the 2 pics on the left are the cosplay photos. Really looks like right? Too bad the wig is not very nice, not rebonded enough.

This is Yojimbo the Aeon. No face so cannot compare but the costume, mask and hat all very detailed and looks like yojimbo in the game.

Auron, good costume! Dunno how they make the costumes.

Another one of Yuna. Yuna is a very popular character to cosplay.

Haha, this one is so cute, baby yuna and baby tidus!


Anonymous said...

cake + tea:

Khimari, the cosplay looks amazing.

And Yojimbo, LOL, I wonder where is the cosplayer head located XD

sHeDiCo said...

wa very interesting lei.. cosplay like very fun but very detailed

Miko said...

cake+ tea : I think its behind the mask!

Shedico: The costume very difficult to make leh and most of the time they make their own costumes.

Anonymous said...

cake + tea:
I wish I have their skills....