Monday, December 01, 2008

Marina Barrage

That day after I went to NYP, I suggested to KL to go to Marina Barrage. It was opened not so long ago and there were already quite a number of visitors~

This place is not big, you can proabably finish visiting the place in 30 minutes. If you are feeling bored one fine day and has no where to go, maybe you can visit it. Think it should be quite beautiful there at night.

Mung mung went with us and he was very happy to be here, it's peaceful.

But I don't know why he decided to pose with the dustbin. Or maybe KL left him there. I was so worried that he might fall into the dustbin.

We rubbed nose~! This was taken on top of the barrage where you can over look the dam dividing the sea water and the reservoir.

This is it, on the left, it's the reservoir and the sea is on the right. The colour of the water looks different on both sides too.

This is called the Green Roof because it was powered by the solar system. There were alot of solar panels on this rooftop. I think Singapore should use more solar energy which is green and at the same time, it lowers electricity bills. If I got chance, I want to install solar system too.

The solar panels.

There were some pretty fountains around the barrage. Take off your shoes and waddle in!

Hee hee, it was fun walking around the fountains.

Touch the water! Mung mung got wet when playing with the fountains.

I ask KL to pose with mung mung too.

Statue of liberty!

Mung mung: yay!

This is like the one in bugis. I stood there for a very very long time to take this photos because we wanted to take one with all the water shooting out. LOL..

Like a rainbow~

Sunset at the Barrage.

We can see the flyer from here.

KL and mung mung looking at the reservoir.

Me and mung mung looking at the reservoir.

When my oversea friends come to SG, I will bring them here to see this barrage but probably bring them there at night. I think it will be quite nice and romantic too.


SmartChic said...

Nice Marina Barrage... Especially the fountain...

Miko said...

YES.. u can bring your friends there... very nice.