Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Last Friday, I went back to NYP to visit and remind myself of the wonderful 3 years I spent there. It was truly a very memorable time! Life was so carefree and I had many good friends!

I was very lucky to get into Media Design course which only had vacancy for about 200 students and I was 1 point above the cut off point of 16.

First of all, I brought KL to the Business Canteen. We called it the business canteen because it's near to the school of business. This canteen is at the North side and my school of Design was at the South side but the food here is SO good that we used to go all the way there to eat. However, I found out that my favourite stall was gone~ Sad! There was a stall which sold Mango chicken chop. Very nice one leh!

I bought papaya milk there for only $1.20. Yummy! I drank alot of papaya milk when I was in NYP.

Then I brought KL to the sports area where all the sports facilities are. We can't go into the swimming pool, only students can. Sad. I went back to the hockey pitch where my classmates used to play soccer on every Wednesday evening till about 8 or 9pm. I don't play soccer but I will always watch them at those stone seats in the pic below. Sometimes, they will take a break and entertain me for awhile.

All my friends in poly were guys. I think I get along with them better than the girls, dunno why. Then everytime after playing soccer, we will go to the animation room to enjoy the cool air-con, making the whole room stink of sweat.

The animation room used to be at Blk K in the School of health science, forgot which floor. Our course used to 'borrow' rooms from other schools because our block was soooo small! other people's one got 6 storeys but ours only got 4.

However, I found out that the animation room has moved back to Block M. They converted 4 of the staff room into the animation room. I can see that the students are doing the 'head turning' assignment. They will have to draw a head turning using 2D animation.

Surprise surprise! Some of the old works which were already there during our time are still there! I remember this dotting drawing which I think was fantastic. I don't know who did it though.

Wah, the JUMPING RICE SACK! Lol... I remember this project. It was very fun. We had to come up with a short story of the rice sack jumping around and doing some stuff. Then of course we had to animate it. Think the whole animation lasted only 2 min but we took like a month to do.

Figure of 'Monkey Match'! I remember that Monkey Match was an animation project done by one of my classmates. He did a really good job and this animation of his got a Gold Award. The story was really funny. I remember its about a monkey disturbing a hunter.

Then I went to the Atrium to get a copy of my transcript. My results were quite lousy but I think I still need to get that transcript for memory's sake. I lost my one already.

The engineering canteen. The business canteen got a face-lift but enginnering canteen like same leh..... Think the stalls also same.. Hahaha

Oh man, I miss the NYP days so much... KL and me saw a nice jacket at the NYP shop and we got one for each of us~


sHeDiCo said...

D is also from NYP but I haven had a tour back with him yet.. and yes come to think of it.. I always tend to say I hate my sch but now I will be graduating in a few weeks time somehow I am missing it already

Miko said...

I am sure you will miss school just like I do. I think poly days are the best among all my school days.