Monday, November 03, 2008

Wu Xia Butterfly Lovers

Went to see this yesterday at Kallang and surprisingly I didn't shed a tear~ Woot~ Previously when I saw the one done by Nicky Wu and Yang Cai Ni, I cried like hell but this time the feeling just wasn't so right.

First of all, the build up of the plot is not good enough. Just don't feel that sad for the couple when they were separated. I cannot feel Liang's strong love for Zhu though he did die for her.

Also, I think that Wu Zun is not that suitable for this kind of heroic wu xia roles. He just don't give that kind of wu xia look. I think he is more suitable to do the youth idol drama or perhaps the original version of Liang Zhu. He would probably do better if this is the original liang zhu.

In comparison, I think this Hu Ge got more of the wu xia look than Wu zun. Anyway I think the movie is targeted at the youth idol drama audience which I am not one. So maybe that's the reason why I didn't cry.


The plot copied a little of Romeo and Juliet where one is mistaken that the other died. I went to see it with KL and we both saw how the plot was going to end when it comes to the part where Harlem suggested Choi to fake death. I told KL that Choi probably will be buried alive and she did.


The movie can be better if they tweak the plot a little and add more touching lines and scenes.

The one done by Nicky and Yang Cai Ni, directed by Tsui Hark was much better. It left me a really deep impression and many of the scenes are still vivid in my mind. I think it's the only liang zhu that I cried for (regardless of opera or movie)~ Hahaha... Probably because the director is better. Tsui Hark is good.

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cake + tea:

Is this another idol movie? except is an ancient version :P

I too, think Wu Zun is not man enough (yet). I think he is good at acting as a boy, I think his look is good for being the young version of 梅蘭芳.