Sunday, March 25, 2007

Dinner after COI

Yday as you all saw in YH's blog, we had a dinner after COI. Went to Sembawang. Fortunately, Bala agreed to go because that place is bloody inaccesible. I didnt take any photos and May commented that if I dun take photos, she will have nothing to read on Monday. Haiz... Never take photos cannot blog meh? If want to see photos can see in YH's blog. Fortunately dun have my ugly photos.

Me and YH were talking about shotgun marriage and this May say she want to vomit. So we ask if she want to shotgun marriage also. YH say May's magnetic field very high voltage, if got another guy also very high magnetic field then May is very prone to pregnancy lor.

Hahaha.. stupid lah.. all these are fei hua.

Then YH say she got many friends shotgun marriage. Like very trendy. I tell her I dun want to be one of those lor. Ask her dun pass the trend to me. May agree that the girls should just abort the baby rather than getting married in a rush. Anyway, I dun really like kids. So noisy.

We then had another talk kok session with the others. May said that Taiwan is her home and she is going home in May. Yuzhen say.. so when are u coming over to singapore to visit us.. May said.. erm.. around 19 May lor.

As if it's real.

May: You all can come my house stay lor if u all come taipei.
Me: Ya, we are marrying over together and my house is at gao xiong. Quite big la.. u all can come and stay also. But I will stay in Taipei for 1 or 2 years then move to gaoxiong leh.
Yuzhen: One at taipei and one at gaoxiong, not bad leh, YH, where u want to move to?
YH: Please lor, I never wanted to marry off to taiwan.

After awhile YH said: But I like Yilan..

Yuzhen: Yilan never come today lor.

Very boliao talk.

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Anonymous said...

miko, we not talk kok lor... my home is in taiwan lor.. just that i have not found a tw man to marry me over yet lor...hahaha..