Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The mad TW guys

Didn't blog about the mj session previously cuz I have to ask May's permission mah. Now that permission is granted, I will post this photo...

Mad lor, so old already still riding on this little tricycle. He was happily riding around when I told him to stop and let me take photo. YH was right that he is most ki xiao.

May's fav photo.. since yh failed to upload this, I will upload it to fulfil may's wish. Both she and YH looked great in this photo but I am so fat and ugly. Sucks lor.

NVM, I sacrifice for May's sake.

YH very fussy, I very stress to put her photo cuz she tell me many many times not to blog her ugly photos. But hor.. I dunno which one is considered ugly lor! Some photos to me I think quite nice but she say ugly..

This above photo was taken when I was not around lor. They happily went drinking without me. So sad to be left out leh. What the hell.

Anyway i must be extra careful with what I blog. Very stress. Later my blog was distorted and ppl will start saying I gossip and spread bad things on my blog. Haiz. Write blog also stress lor. Do anything also stress lor. Cannot just read my blog and forget it meh? Must go tell the whole world what I wrote and then add oil and vinegar to it. Fan.

Aiyoh.. may.. what the hell is that necklace doing on you???? hahaha

Serve you right lor, Kana boxed on the face.

Xiao Du and YongXiang, we went to KTV and the 3 of them like to sing very much. May like YongXiang's voice becuz his voice very 'dua bak'. Wat the hell lor.. May like everthing that is DUA. She likes DUA BAN costume and the DUA BAK voice. Hahaha.. She want to wear dua ban costume and sing with a dua bak voice. Yong Xiang say he got dua bak voice becuz he is a yuan zhu min.

There was a little joke which happened on a certain night while playing MJ. This joke must be blogged lor cuz it was super funny to us. May say it's a must blog.

They were playing mj until like 4 or 5 am. Then YH asked them what time they must go back.

GY: wo men mei you men jin de.
Me: What??!!
GY: wo shuo wo men mei you men jin de.
YH: Why dun have men jin?
GY: Becuz we are teachers. You know, teachers.
May: So? Then how?
YH: What time then got men jin??
GY: Told you dun have men jin liao lor.

May got kind of worrid and she even tot of calling up sj to open the door for the guys.

YH was bewildered, so was I. How come he say they are teachers yet they kana lock out?

GY: We can go in and out whenever we like.
YH: We are talking about different men jin lor.

Then it hit me.

Me: Aiyah.... we tot that you dun have a door to go into. Tot u kana locked out.
GY: Aiyoh.. I was talking about.. 門禁!


Then the 3 of us started luffing off hysterically. The 3 them tot it was not that funny and they watched us luffing like mad..

GY: Got so funny mah..
Me: hahahah mei you men jin leh.. so funny...
YX: Hao gen oh...
Me: What is gen?
YX: means cold, cold joke.

ok ok.. abit cold to retell the joke but it was real funny when we were talking about it... my god..


Anonymous said...

aiyo.. so funny abt the men jin. now reading your blog set me laughing too... haha..
I miss those GCB days lor. haiz.. now its all over. so boring again. miko, now i realise my face is much bigger than yours lor so dun kp your face is big lor.

Miko said...

it is only in that photo that ur face appeared bigger. most of the time my face is bigger lor.

but then the men jin joke dun sound very funny by reading it leh... the actual conversation was so much more funnier.