Tuesday, March 13, 2007

KTV session again

Again, KTV, YH blogged this already but I am going to blog different things mah.. Tho it all happened on the same day.

Ang like KTV, everytime after a major performance, she will treat us to KTV. Our KTV session lasted a bloody 10 hours.

Patrick was dancing to the tune and Ang joined him dancing. Patrick like to dance lor. Everytime got KTV, he will dance one. On the other hand, I seldom sing at Ang's KTV cuz they normally dun have the songs I want to sing.

Ang was singing peacefully. Sucks lor.. my hp cannot take photos under dark conditions and I am too lazy to bring my camera.

Susan and Tian. I din see susan for a long time lor. She was gone to TW previously which after I was gone to BKK. Surprisingly, she stayed to the ktv session until the end, going out only once for an appointment. Normally, she will be so bloody busy that she can only join us for a few hours. Woo hoo~

YH blogged a photo of Miss Tan and YL dancing. I gonna upload this video of them~ hee hee.. This is to show how crazy they are. Dancing like mad, totally letting go of themselves.

YL disappeared from COI for 4 mths le. She is finally back again with a new hair cut. YL will never quit COI one lor. Tho she took a long break. I dun think she will ever quit. She will continue to hum and hum xia qu..

Then when I was on the sofa, I spotted that Yuzhen was looking at SJ's photo in her hp.. I borrowed the phone from yuzhen and showed it to May. May was stunned lor. She over reacted and snatched the phone from me. Then she requested yz to bt the photo to her. The photos I must agree were well taken.

Look at her. She was staring at the photo in such a dreamy way. Totally got mesmerised by SJ already... haiz.. mad woman.

After She bt the photo in the phone, she keep looking at it and YH got pek cek with her and snatched the phone. She quickly deleted the photo which sets May crying out loud, begging yuzhen to bt the photo to her again.. hahaha.. wat the hell...

Then when May go to toilet, YH deleted the photo again. I dunno if May realise cuz until now, she never say anything about the missing photo. May, if you are reading this, you will know now that the photo is no longer in your hp.



Anonymous said...

ha!!! now i know why that photo is missing lor.. I was thinking why i lost that photo again? thought my HP something wrong.. now I know who is the culprit.. KE WU!!! Its my Haowei, you know??? wow I like that photo that you took which I was totally lost in HW's world..

Miko said...

HAhaha... u silly mah... never realised that yh deleted your photo again. I want to get the photo from u leh.. so that i can put in my blog.. "the photo which mesmerised May".

Anonymous said...

mk u are very bad lor..."chu mai wo" yh

Anonymous said...

i no longer have the photo lor. I have to beg YZ to BT to me again... she will sure scold me lor. think I must locked my phone... else my haowei photo keep losing...

Anonymous said...

dun be stupid lor..mad like hell..

see when my mood gets better i bluetooth u lar the photo..haha