Friday, March 09, 2007

Everybody want to go TW

Everybody want to go TW lor. I Just saw in Amai's blog that she wanna go in July... then BX commented that she going in Oct.

I also wanna go TW.

Tho I super broke, I must also go lor. So I am going in May together with May. Unfortunately, YH got to study for her exams so she is not joining this time round.

I am very happy to visit TW again... I will be going to find my darlings and to shop and eat and pao wen quan.... and not to forget to find a nice TW man! hahaha... YH, we marry to tw together la.

So good but siong also. Fortunately this time got May's business trip. Can stay in free hotel. Woo hoo...

I wanna go to GX.. I want to go shopping..

May got company to pay her air ticket lor, so I will chiong there alone flying by Jetstar. Some ppl commented that,"wah, u dare to chiong alone there."

haiz.. whats there to scared? At most die only mah.. haiz...


Anonymous said...

its so funny when you say I am going tw in May with May... hahaha.. Ya. This May TW trip is very important lor. We are going there to find ru yi lang jun so that we can marry to TW after 1-2years... So, MK, from now onwards, we must start our diet plans again.. I put on so much weight recently.

Miko said...

ya, we got a mission to accomplish and we need to go on diet but I can't get the pills now cuz i am saving $$. I will come up with a cheap diet plan.

I just gave some tots about marrying to tw leh. Cuz that means I will have to give up Ang's troupe and SL. Abit can't bear to leave the troupe leh cuz we got so many friends there. Then I also can't bear to give up SL.

Miko said...

hey.. forgot to tell u that i asked yx to find out got wat show on during our visit already. He said there will be a MHY show.. good. I want to see that. I asked him got GCM show or not, he say he need to check first.

Anonymous said...

ok.. thanks for asking. I will check GCM's website to find the her schedule in May too.