Friday, July 14, 2006

Tian Wai Tian Steamboat

Yes, another steamboat session at tian wai tian, Serangoon. May said that this stall very nice and is not ex.

While we were busy reading the scripts, YH was taking photos of Honghong... So I took a photo of her trying to take a photo of Hong hong.

After that, YH, May, My mum, my sis, ZX and me all took cab to tian wai tian.

I dunno what we did but we took a long time to wait for cab. Then we ate steamboat until about 11+ pm. so late liao.. very tired and very sticky! My sis also want to sleep. So we all walked to potong pasir bus stop to company May wait for us. At this very precise moment. I noticed something very funny.
why are we surrounding this pillar and chatting? That one is supposed to let us sit and rest our legs but we are surrounding it and chatting for a good 15-20 minutes. Hahaha.... Too bad the circle is not complete cuz i was taking the photo. Hahaha...

Our hot topic was the GCB show and these few days we have been talking about it too. Aiyah. some ppl happy, some ppl stress, some ppl excited, some ppl nervous... heh..


guess who said... worshipping the pole

Miko said...

aiyoh.. how come so many anonymous. Who are u?