Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Steamboat again!

I realised that I blogged alot about our steamboat session. The reason is, we eat alot of steamboat mah... Today, went to eat steamboat once again with YH and May. Actually, me and May wanted to go see doctor at AMK then we tot might as well ask YH join us for steamboat session after seeing doctor.

I spent a bloody $60 for my medication lor. Actually both me and May were consulting the doctor regarding our pimples. May spent a bloody $63 also. $3 more than me and she got a heartache. Aiyah.. it's for ur own face lor. It's worth it if it works.

Anyway, after we reached the steamboat kopitiam, YH was already with the steamboat ready, nicely placed in front of her....


We quickly took the food and threw in..

TA DAH!~~~~
YH, eating vege.. Ya, very healthy choice. Government say we must eat more vege... so we eat lor...

Chun chun dan... May may like chun chun dan..... But I dun like.. May also like another thing which i dun like... CLAMS.. bloody red slimy gluey sticky smelly clams... yucks..

I like this....AI XIN GOLDEN MUSHROOMS! You know why its aixin? Our dear may... walked a long way from the MRT to a supermarket to buy these golden mushrooms and went home to wash and cut it. She also bought fish and mushrooms and prepared them for the steamboat cuz she know that me any YH like mushrooms.. So nice.... ai xin mushrooms.

As usual.... we gossiped and talked until about 10pm then we went off to buy the sour plum lime juice. Happily, we walked to the MRT with the drinks in plastic bags until suddenly i dunno why my plum juice became a fountain. The juice was spouting out from a hole at the side. I panicked then YH told me to cover the hole~ May told me to go to the side. So I did both. Fortunately, there was not much juice left... Hiak hiaks.... May say that funny things always happened to me. -_-" If not then who entertain u? I dun think YH want to do these things to entertain u lor.

May said that looking at my blog, everyone can tell that she is spending a lot of time with us... SO? Isn't that good? wahahaha...


Kongming said...

read a report years ago saying aviod pimples, stay away from seafood

Miko said...

i dun believe any form of food cause pimples as research and many reports said so.

fr said...

clams are fresh, delightful, soft, smooth, velvety, delicious...yummy!!! hahahahh..