Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Tanah Merah

Me: I am taking the boat at 10am this saturday at Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal.
Father: *silence*
Me: Tanah merah at 10am hor. Dun say I never tell u..
Father: You trying to ambush me.
Me: I dunno how to go leh...
Me: I am coming back on Sunday at 5pm.
Father: I no time to go fetch u hor.
Me: You should bring lao ma there.. she never go tanah merah before.
Father: Tanah merah got 2 terminal leh, one is ferry terminal, one is for taking boat one...
Me: -_-" Whats the diff?!

Mum... : (singing) One tanah merah......
Wat one tanah merah?

Aiyoh.. dunno la.. in the end.. my father told me that she got the lyrics all wrong.... Chey....

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