Friday, July 07, 2006


Some of the COI had a big feast on Tuesday. Yah I know la... YH and MD already blogged about and I am slow but I got alot of things to blog mah. Plus I very busy so I no time to blog this entry which is going to be loaded with photos.

Damn, why should i explain, this is MY blog.

ok la ok la.. back to the topic, Richard was in a good mood i think. He decided to treat us eat crabs at AMK together with Honghong, mei mei and Brian.

Please dont tell me that this photo is blueish, cuz I already can tell and I got no time to go photoshop edit. Our little Jay Chow is very cute lor. Honghong was sitting beside me so I can hear their little conversations. Very funny.

Richard: You all want to drink wat?
Brian: I don't want.
(after asking everyone, richard ask brian again)
Richard: You sure your dun want?
Brian *nods*
Hong: Give him mineral water.
Brian: I said I don't want!
Hong *Glares*
Hong: You are going to be very thirsty later.

When taking photos, Brian said," You take your photo why you ask me to take with you? And you lean on me somemore!"

hahaha.. kinda funny cuz I never seen anyone speak like that to hong hong before.

DLQ was the first one to start eating. We all paiseh mah, and act humble.

Too bad this picture is blur. My hp camera is not so good. Alot of photos are blurrish. I want to change phone but bo lui leh...

I dunno why la, but richard decided to be garang guni. He looks like one anyway. So black. But those coke cans are not going to help him pay for the dinner much....

The dinner was very ex lor!! The price of it can buy a costume plus some hair pieces.

May said that WX never appear in my blog before!~ Well, here is my hong bu long!.. The one beside her is WZ. WX also very vain pot leh.. I told her I am going to put her in my blog. She specially took off her glasses to take this phot.. hee hee.. vain pot.

You see the woman in orange? Stand like ah lian like that... tsktsk.. no xing xiang at all.. Ah Lian ah....

This photo is very blorred but u can imagine the scene.. Ah tian was in DLQ's car but she suddenly decided to go to Hougang with the rest of us. So she ask DLQ to stop teacher's van and got into it.

We were going to Hougang cuz hong hong want to discuss the performance details with the si gui chun boss.

Ohh.. the van close up! Who is that in the van!!?? I think its WZ... hmm..

This MD and Richard got one leg leh.. Just now eating crabs they were sitting together. Now drink kopi at Hougang they are still sitting together. Aiyoh.. what kind of relationship is this?!

Little Jay is very bored leh. He played with his HP, smsing, while the me and May were fooling around... And richard and YH were arguing. Basically the rest are rather bored. See, Hong bu long is yawning! Haiz, they were all watching me and May fooling around, we were sort of entertaining them lor. We waited for some time and honghong and mei mei just continue to talk with the si gui chun boss. Finally, we were very tired and some of us decided to leave first.

I got one video, I wanted to blog it but hor, I havent got permission from YH and May to publish it yet. That video got YH saying, "please dont blog" hahaha....


juanjuan said... hp de camera also gone case liao.. also wanted to buy new de but no money.... Richard very generous lehhh....

Anonymous said...

next time i sit bside u... md

fr said...

i think md is discussing with the richard to start a garang guni business..

Anonymous said...

how u know i 1 2 start business next time? but i no consider garang guni leh...

Miko said...

fr is who? frannxis ah???

hahah.. please dun sit beside me MD, I prefer to sit beside Ah may and gossip.. You too stone liao.

fr said...

right MK, frannxis
...i see you all like crabs.