Sunday, July 23, 2006

Bye bye Hong Mei....

Hong Hong .... Mei Mei.... Don't go! I will miss u all one!

So sad, HongHong and Mei Mei leaving together. Going back to Taiwan. Honghong will be back for 10 days.

Me: I will miss u leh, meimei jie...
Meimei: We will see each other very soon.
Me: When?
Meimei: About 1 plus month later lor. You coming to Taiwan mah.
Me: 1 plus month is very long lor.
Meimei: I will bring u go play.
Me: I want to stay at your house.
Meimei: No problem. I go and clean it up first.

hee hee.. meimei is so cute. She is always so sincere lor..

Meimei: I will come to singapore once a year. I no father no mother, my only close one is my sister. I will visit her every year, come here and quarrel with her also good.

Mei mei.....Honghong... Baby don't go.... don't go...~ (Alex Toh)

I dunno why but both of them are looking at the right side. What is there to see? Aiyoh.. take liao photo then see also can wat. Zhen Shi De.. Look at meimei...

Honghong and Meimei looking at photos. Everyone crowding around them to see photos.

Honghong.. why u always look so glum when taking photos with me? Aiyoh.. must tell her next time that she never smile brightly when taking photos with me.. Like that I very sad one. But she smiled very widely when taking photo with Richard leh... Sad.

See? I like this smile of hers.. Very bright. Must develop these 2 photos and show her...

Today I said...

Me: Lao shi, I want to take photo with you?
Hong: Cannot. Do I look good like this?
Me: Yes~ hao kan ah!
Hong: Ok la.

We gave a gift to honghong but why her face so shock??

Bye bye.. Hong... Must miss us wor!!!!!

Honghong must be feeling very relax now. Lying in her own bed, in her own house. Mei Mei also. Finally can have some rest since the indonesia trip to now.

OMG, now that both are gone, Chua is still busy with his upcoming show, no one bothers about our taiwan trip and Chua really dun give a damn whether we can do it or not. He dun care if we disgrace ourselves there cuz it will be us who are embarassing ourselves. Till now the script is not out. We are still happily shopping today, eating high tea...

I think the script will only be out at around 10 Aug, which leaves us about a mth to practice. This is madness. I dunno how the hell we are going to do it. Cancel the whole damn thing la.. aiyoh.. pekcek.

Tm still want to take photos. Take wat photos??? I dun even know wat I acting, I dunno whether it's modern or guzhuang. I dunno what to bring!!! I will just bring my make up kit there.

Wat the hell...


Kongming said...

i think no1 asked her to 'cheese...'

A.C. said...

Huh... I think you all just makeup, then sit one row on a bench and take a group photo. Done!