Monday, July 03, 2006

Fire Bird

Just now, I was singing 'Fen shou ba~ Wo men.. fen shou ba~....."

My mum was playing with her horse whip.

Happily playing and then I was still singing.. 'fen shou ba..' and suddenly..


diao... How come suddenly got fire bird one? My father was singing very loudly...


This time, he grabbed the horse whip from my mother and pretended to pull out the 'hair' of the horse..

Mum: Don't pull my whip!

Father: Fen shou ba... HUO NIAO!

Mum: OI!!! My ma bian!!!!

Father: BBQ! HUO NIAO!!!!!


After the struggle, my mum continued to watch her tv...

My father also watched TV.

Then, the TV showed the Lin bo version of 'Yang Men Nv Jiang'.

Suddenly, my father say," Wah lau.. this group of women sleep liao eat... eat liao sleep... how to fight? No strength one."

Mother,"Oi, you watch your tv, dun say me hor..'

Father,"I didn't say you wat, I talking about the Yang Men Nv Jaing."

Mother,"You are saying me lor, indirectly."

Father,"You are Yang Men Nv Jiang issit?"

Mother,"You are talking about my hobby lor.."


Father,"The 'She Tai Jun' dunno got bring Axe brand feng you or not."

Me,"Wah lau, go war bring feng you for what?"

Father,"She old already mah, later she dizzy when she didn't sleep enuf. Then need to use feng you."

Mother,"Tell you watch your TV dun say me liao. Cannot issit.. Aiyoh!"



Anonymous said...

Very interesting.

Here you have my links about my flying gadgets.

Kongming said...

i still cant link fire bird to horse whip leh... 1 is opera whip another is gao lingfeng's song

Miko said...

-_-" How come still got ppl put ads in my comments.

MD: No link one la.. My father a bit crazy. He say my mum is Huo Niao.

Anonymous said...

i just love it when you blog on your mum and dad... they are always so funny... what a loving couple!

Miko said...

hhee hee... yah lor.. they often got crappy things going on.. Sometimes I will blog them out if I happened to be blogging at that point of time.

Ron's wayang said...

where u get the whip?i wanna buy one

Miko said...

I bought one from china and bought one from a friend. U can get horse whips easily. Alot of ppl have a few at home. Can buy from those who have.

A.C. said...

Ron: That 2 shops I've told you b4 in your blog does have.. but the same disclaimer applies: THEY"RE EXPENSIVE!!

Miko said...

beijing selling $10 each.....