Saturday, January 19, 2013

Why Super Junior Deserves Respect

My personal blog is now becoming SJ focused blog. >.<

I decided to write this because apparently the forum that I hang out in is full of haters and antis. People hate SJ like crazy. Seriously man, what's wrong with these people. If you don't like SJ's songs then fine, don't listen. There is no need to hate them.

Seriously hating someone you don't know is a waste of energy... Why even..

Anyway Heechul doesn't give a damn about the haters..

So I am going tell why we should respect Super Junior.

Part 1

Super Junior was not expected to succeed.

Unlike what non-kpoppers believe, SJ wasn't meant to be successful. Non-kpoppers like me in the past thought that successful groups like Super Junior has the whole company behind them to give them all the help and publicity and thus they are so popular now. That was before I became ELF.

Super Junior was made up of 12 members at first. These 12 people were the rejects of SM. SM trained a bunch of teens and from this bunch, they picked the best to form TVXQ aka Dong Bang Shin Ki. So 5 boys formed TVXQ from the bunch. After TVXQ was formed, some trainees gave up and left SM but some stayed. For those who stayed, SM didn't know what to do with them and some of them had already trained for like 6 years. It is about time for them to debut. SM can't keep them as trainees for ever and SM really pity them, find them pitiful. So these rejected 'goods' were debuted together in one big group to form Super Junior 05, in 2005. These rejected goods were of course not the best trainees in SM and therefore many people looked down on them.

Because these trainees were not the best ones, SM decided that Super Junior 05 will be a project group which means some of the older members will be removed from SJ05 in the year 2006 and new members will be added in to keep the group young. The old ones who were removed from the group will have to fight on the own in the entertainment industry. That is why their name is Super Junior, they are supposed to remain as juniors. In 2006, the group with the added new members will be called Super Junior 06.

Therefore, SJ debuted with a heavy heart knowing that some members will be gone after 3 months. The first few to go were I think Leeteuk and Heechul since they were the oldest. With an uncertain future, SJ05 worked very hard, day and night without breaks. They wanted to achieve as much as they can in these 3 months so that they can still survive when they leave the group.

Here is a video of them talking about their feelings with each other when they were still in the project group.

They have been together, training for so long, and the thought of separating really upset them.

However, they have gained immense popularity over the 3 months and fans increased in big numbers. I read before that the fans had a strike in front of SM or something to keep Super Junior together.

When no one believe in SJ, even SM didn't believe in them, ELF did. SM didn't want to help SJ, ELF helped. That explains why SJ gives the best fanservice now. Even now, SM still treat SJ like crap. I don't believe it at first but now I see it with my own eyes and I believe now. SM doesn't really care for SJ.

Finally, because SJ got so popular, SM decided to drop the project group idea and let Super Junior05 become a permanent group in 2006. They changed the group's name to Super Junior, dropping the '05'.

When some people make fun of Super Junior's name, they didn't know that this name has a special meaning. I know that they are getting old now and the name of Super Junior sounds weird for them but this name holds a special meaning so I hope they will keep this name forever.

The director said that he was surprised with the success of super junior as he himself didn't expect this group to succeed. In the end, the cream of the crop group, TVXQ splitted. JYJ left and now there is only HoMin left. Don't get me wrong, I love HoMin too.

For this alone, SJ deserves respect because they had worked so hard. No one believed in them but they worked hard to achieve what they want. Even when the future was bleak, they worked hard through tears and blood.

This is the video  of their first award. Everyone was crying over the win. The group that no one believes in won their first award.

If you think that winning this award and keeping their group means that their future was smooth sailing afterwards, you can't be more wrong.

More shit came along to test the perserverance of this group...

I think I will write another day.. Zzzz. Tired. I didn't know just point 1 alone took me so long. Hee heee... Too much to talk about when it comes to SJ.


Anonymous said...

Randomly found this blog but I loved this post so much! Did you write about Point 2 onwards? ;_;

Miko said...

You mean part 2? I can't remember lol.. XD I wrote this so long ago ><

Bane Blair said...

I feel the respect of this particular ELF for her love in Super Junior. Your feelings may change as time goes by but this particular post made silent readers seen SJ in a different light. Heart of steel will never ever break like the hearts of Super Junior...The Last Man Standing!