Monday, February 25, 2013

Heechul SungDong Quotes

I was going to write about my Bangkok trip but first of all, I want to post these quotes from Heechul. They are too classic and epic!!

Only Heechul can come up with replies like these...
Listener: Oppa I’m curious, what is your favorite girl group dances these days?

Hee: Everyone you’ve mistaken, I always dance girl group dances, and everyone feels that it’s interesting, saying stuffs like Kim Heechul only dances to girl group dances, is it because he only likes girl group dances? Everyone, you have really mistaken, I don’t like girl group dances, I like the girl groups

Hee: I treat my sister well in the way that, when she sends me a message, I reply immediately. But if it was other girls, like those I want to go out and meet, messages me, if I’m playing games, I would not even want to look at my phone, but if it is my sister’s message, I will stop playing and reply immediately. I’m totally a kind and understanding brother

Hee: I said it last week (because of surgery, next week will be recorded), I’ll most probably be fixing my broken nose, how am I recovering? Since I’m having surgery, I want to make it look more beautiful, because I’m already very handsome before the surgery, because I’m a natural flower boy, so the 1st song to myself: Noise-Plastic Surgery Beauty

Fan asked if Heechul knows how to sing SJM’s chi song, so Heechul sang “oh太完美…DDDD…” (perfection) and after that he didn’t know how to sing. He talked about KStory too.

Kekeke...   And I am going to Seoul next month!! :D

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