Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New Year Eve

I don't normally celebrate New Year Eve because it's always crowded outside. So I normally stayed at home and watch TV. This year however, Miss Tan really really wanted to celebrate so much. So as a very nice friend, I agreed to celebrate with her despite the fact that that night, SJM will be performing in Jiangsu with Live TV broadcast. I recorded it.

So we met up for dinner together and at around 9pm, I began endlessly refreshing my Twitter waiting for SJM's performance to come on TV. Correction if you think that you can watch TV on Twitter, I actually can't see it there but I follow a bunch of people on Twitter which updates it 24/7 on every little things about SJ. So once the program comes on TV, they will immediately tweet it and tell us what they sang, what clothes they wear etc. And when I see such tweets coming out, I can be sure that 5 minutes later, the video will appear on youtube. Then I can watch it. LOL..

Miss Tan was amazed with the efficiency of ELF. I told her not to worry about me missing the program because I can see it on Youtube 5 minutes after the broadcast. Then when I go home tonight, I will re-watch it on TV.

Miss Tan and me sat down in TCC while waiting for May Teng to come. We talked a bit and I continued my endless refreshing of Twitter. Suddenly I yelped when finally I saw the tweet that SJM is on! Miss Tan was surprised to see my fangirl moment which I think so far none of the troupe membrs have seen it. Only my kaki Ekin fans and other ELF have seen my fangirl moments.

Miss Tan said that I was very kua zhang with my over-excitment. I can't control my feels because that night, SJM revealed their new album teaser, Break Down!! So I excitedly waited for the video to come online in Youtube. 5 minutes later, I found it and Miss Tan watched it with me. LOL.. You should have seen my excitement and the big grin on my face when I was watching it.

Finally after watching the video and at 10+pm, May Teng came and we proceeded to Esplanade for countdown. Little did we know that it was already jam packed with people. So we go no choice but to walk a long way and arrived at the baby merlion area. That side was not so crowded.

May Teng said that she was very thirsty but there was only Starbucks there, she got no other choice but to buy that atas coffee..

May Teng at Starbucks getting her atas coffee..

We waited and waited but before we can countdown, suddenly th sky was litted up with fireworks! Apparently 2013 arrived before we can even start counting!!!

Watching the beautiful fireworks...

And May Teng drinking her atas coffee while watching....

After the whole thing we thought it will be a bummer to take train home as there were like millions of people there. Fortunately this year, crowd control was good and we managed to take a train back comfortably and the train wasn't jam packed!

I wish concerts in Singapore will have better crowd control too! Damn.. The crowd was totally out of control during concerts, it was madness.

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