Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Sleepy Shindong

I really mean to post my New Year countdown experience with May Teng and Miss Tan but let's do that another day since that requires me to get all the pictures from my phone.

I found this in a forum >.< It's really funny! Super Junior were attending a year end event and during the event, a fan caught this:

First Shindong fell asleep and Siwon secretly took a picture of him. Look at Siwon's victorious smile after he manage to get the picture. LOL....

Shindong woke up and I don't know why Kangin was smiling at Siwon when Shindong woke up. He was like telling Siwon, look, Shindong woke up!

Then all 3 of them, Eunhyuk, Siwon and Kangin started laughing at Shindong. LOL....

Then Kangin like patted Shindong on the back, wakey wakey....

Then Shindong took a water bottle that belongs to another person sleepily... And Kangin tried to stop him.

Shindong drank it anyway and Kangin was like 'aish.. .this kid...'

Super Junior members are just so funny, on stage or in real life.. They are always doing crazy things or silly things.. But that's what I love about them! :D

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