Tuesday, January 01, 2013


Today is SUNGMIN's birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy birthday to our AEGYO KING, cutest of the cute, Lee Sung Min, 李晟敏, on 1st January 2013

He is one of the most beautiful member in SJ in my opinion. Fair skin, delicate features and according to LZ, nice teeth too. :D

Sungmin is always unnoticed in SJ because of his quiet nature and to be honest I didn't recognise or remember Sungmin at first. He wasn't one of the first few members that I noticed. >.< I am sorry Sungmin, now I will remember you for life!

In variety shows, he doesn't talk much too if there are many other members around. It was always Eunhyuk and Leeteuk and Shindong who gets the attention because they talk A LOT. And I mean really alot... I am not saying that they are mean to not let Sungmin talk but some people are just borned to talk >.<

Sungmin also doesn't really do a lot of crazy, nonsensical stuff like some members. Shindong and Eunhyuk once said before that Sungmin is the most normal one in Super Junior. He always do things the standard way. Like when he did the Mr Simple dance, he did it the most accurate way as per the choreographer taught them. Therefore, Sungmin is always known as the 'normal' one.

It's like Sungmin is just a normal peasant compared to the other members.. Hahaha.. but Leeteuk said....

Yep, you cannot be normal in SJ. No one in SJ is normal. So if you are normal, you are most probably phsychotic.

Hahahaha.. And don't doubt Leeteuk because he knows his little brothers very well. Look at Sungmin here:

 Back to being serious, I really feel unfair for Sungmin. He is in the middle of everything. He doesn't really have outstanding dance compared to Eunhyuk, he doesn't have outstanding vocals compared to KRY but he is an all-rounder!! He dance fairly well and he has a sweet voice and plays quite a few instruments too!!

It's really sad that people are not noticing him or giving him enough credits and they only remember him as the aegyo king, aka the act cute king. They even got his name wrong or don't remember his name when they write articles about SJ. It's very demoralizing.

I mean yes, it's undeniable that Sungmin acts cute a lot because fans like to see him do that.  but we can't ignore his talents and just focus on his cuteness. although his cuteness is really distracting

To do Sungmin some justice, let me post his talents here...

 He dances well! It isn't mediocre! It's good!

Then like I said, Sungmin has a sweet voice which totally match his aegryo king image

Tell me if this man has talent or not.... :) I love him so much.

Ok now for the aegyo part. Hahaha.. I don't even now where to begin!!! He is like the aegyo king because he is cute without trying. He doesn't have to do anything. Just stand there and smile his boyish smile and he is cute already!!! Don't believe me huh?

More evidence?

Innocent, angelic smile. He is one of the lucky ones to have that and of course LZ says his teeth are nice. LOL..

So when he acts cute, it was cuteness EXPLOSION!

Even when his friend doesn't pick up his call and he was pissed, he looked so cute!

Crazy boy thinks he is a present ...

Or a reindeer...

This smile.. killer smile....

Stop it Sungmin!!!! Too much cuteness!!! I can't even..... >.< And what is Yesung trolling behind Sungmin. LOL.... That kid...
But please don't think Sungmin is all feminine, he can be manly when he needs to be. :D That's my Sungmin. :) So talented. :D

And I love this set of pictures of him in MAMA 2012

Also it was often overlooked that Sungmin actually excel in many areas. Like there were times when they went for certain varieties and had to do stuff like stunts etc. Sungmin always excel and beat the other members!

Like in this video, Sungmin spun the dough better than the other 3 members. especially yesung. :P

He might invisible or unnoticed to others but to ELF, Sungmin is irreplaceable!
Lastly, let me end this long entry on Sungmin with some quotes from him. :)

And some cartoon Sungmin. I can't help it! Too cute!!! >.<

Sungmin is prettier than most of the girls around me...

Please send lots of love to Sungmin! :D

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not only his teeth pretty, his lips also sexy... hehe....