Saturday, February 13, 2010

Shopping at Bugis

My mum, me, my sis and aunty went to Bugis to shop before CNY. We had dinner at the HK cafe and saw this mega big cup of tea!

Is this mega big or what? The diners couldn't even finish it! It cant be shared by 10 ppl at least.

I bought this bracelet for myself as V day is nearing. I think it's nice. I bought it from Citigems. It's a plated rose gold heart~

Actually I saw this bracelet from a brochure in my office and since it's V day, I thought I might buy it. This bracelet is on special offer so there isn't any staff discount. Only 5% I think so I didn't wait till I was confirmed a permanent staff before buying it.

My silly sis bought this doreamon shower cap and she couldn't wait to put it on when she takes a bath! So ya, she actually put it on in a food court. How thick skin right. LOL. She is funny lor. My friend said she look like a chef like this.

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