Saturday, February 13, 2010

CNY Bath

The few days before CNY, my dearest Da mung and Ah scrump went for a major bath. They have not been bathing for some time and my mum keep complaining that they are too dirty to spend the new year with us.

So my mum dropped both of them into the washing machine. The 2 of them went round and round and round... I told my mum not to hang them out to dry by clipping their ears. That was what she did to the other toys you see. So my smart alec mum did this to Ah Scrump.

Poor scrump!!!! Kana hang there for 2 days leh!!! I think she must be feeling very dizzy and sad. Thank god at least at night I can bring her in so that she can rest...

Lucky Da mung wasn't hanged. He looked like he was sun bathing.

Like enjoying the tan like that. Then he turned over to have an even tan.

Looking very 自在 and shiok. Only poor scrump kana hang. I think my mum still got 成见 with scrump because of her mouth lor...

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Kongming said...

at least not hung by e neck