Monday, February 22, 2010

Chingay 2010

Chingay, the biggest and grandest float parade in Asia! I am honoured to be part of it and contribute to the show. It was truly an experience of a life time. It's a moment to remember for. :)

I went to People's Association at 1pm to do my make up. The coaches will leave for the performance venue at 5pm and we have to be all ready by then. It started to rain at around 3pm and we all panicked. I panicked most because the rain will ruin my costume! Thank god it stopped before 5pm....

Miss Susan ask me to exaggerate my make up that day because we want to have that 闪亮梦幻 feel. As it is not an opera show, I can experiment with extreme make up. The results...

It's not that obvious in the photo but it is more obvious in a video I will put up at the end of this entry. Susan liked my make up alot and told me to do make up for my 梁山伯 so that we can match each other. And so I did...

And this is the end product. Not bad right. She got small eyes like me too!

Skinny Susan in pink costume. She will be representing the 化蝶 part. I will be representing the 楼台会 and the other two will be 十八相送.

The pair that represent 十八相送 are looking good~

Some of the performers are in this room too. The ones in green are representing the Malay item.

After a very busy make up session, we started taking photos before leaving to take the coaches to the F1 pit.

Cam Whoring.

This is our very cute rice box! We had this for dinner!

Kanglong, our very helpful helper for that day!

The bus was packed with performers and all the barangs that they had to bring. We almost couldn't get a seat because we boarded late.

Finally we arrived and first of all, of course I have to take a photo with my 梁山伯. We looked very loving right? LOL unlike ANOTHER couple who look like they just broke up or something.. :P

Everybody together! All the 3 couples~ And other performers requested to take photos with us. In fact MANY ppl requested to take photos with us! I think I literally took hundreds of photos that day with the other performers.

I like this photo, we made up the poses ourselves~

Ok, here is the video that I was talking about. You can see my make up more clearly here and in the first 3 seconds you can see that I look like blur sotong because I didn't know that the camera had started recording.

Please don't comment on my round face! Thanks. LOL, also I am ver singlish in my video so I think my foreign friends probably don't know what I am talking about~ oops.... At the end of the video, some one suddenly ask me to take a photo with the float. I was recording halfway so I ask KL to hold it for me~

I also realised that I can talk a lot of nonsense. I just kept blabbering on when I video it but I only find out my nonsense when I was watching the video at home. HAhaha.

I decided to comouflage myself on the float.

KL gave me the idea of this catching buttefly pose. Hee hee I think it's quite nice leh.

We decided to copy the pose of the 2 statues on our float. Look like or not?

My partner also want to do this pose~

Taking photos with the other performers. KL told me that if I get $5 from all the ppl who requested to take photo with me, I will be rich liao. Mad lor.. Talk about money will hurt feelings one. I like this photo because I love egyptian stuff too and I think this egyptian queen looked stunning~

So many baby cribs! But where are the babies???

The giraffe asked me not to pull his tail but I insist. And hey, look! It's my favourite Universal studio float! I love it cuz it has got the characters of the cartoons I like. Like kungfu panda and the zebra from Madagascar.

You gotta move it move it..... Hhahaha

Me stretching my mouth like the dinosaur.

Monkeys! They are friends of my son lor. Do I look like Tarzan's girlfriend, Jane, here?

This is a very cute golf cart. Like camoflage like that.

Porsche also made it's appearance.

This float is called 'Kravings'. It's covered with chocolate, cakes and candies~!

Another picture with the dancers!

And another one...

And another one~~~! We were like .... dunno what also.. I only remember the cameras kept clicking away.

More. and more~! The ones in purple are our butterfly dancers!


And more dancers joined in!

Finally me and KL got chance to take photo too.

After dunno how long of photo taking, our feet ached. So we sat there to rest and still taking photos!

But we couldn't rest for long as people started coming in again to take photos! These are from the Japanese Association and they are really japanese~ I like that cute mask on the left... :)

More photos!! with japanese association.

The dancers who were supposed to be on top on the floats were lifted up using forklifts.

King and queen on the top of the float! Wow. Like I said in my video, I would love to be on top. Can enjoy the wind and scenery.

With the helper~

With the beautiful Russian performers. Very big costumes they have here.

Our little butterflies. They will be flying all over our float while dancing to the music. The visual was stunning. I felt like I was surrounded by a swarm of colourful butterflies! It's really beautiful with the music and all.

I spotted this horse lying down.

I was shocked to realise that it was dead!

We were trying to strike a very loving pose. Hahaha. This was what we came up with. Then we made fun of the other couple who looked like they broke up or something.

This is the break up couple. Why I say they break up leh?

Cuz they were always seated like this. And the ying tai looked like she just had a bad argument with shan bo. On the other hand, me and my partner were always goofing around and laughin. Well. I told them to get over it and go reincarnate. LOL.

Me looking like a ghost! With all the green light.

Participants came to take photos~

Strike another pose.

Hahaha... We were having fun.

This other partner still ok. They don't look like the broke up or wat.

Wah. super long fire crackers!! In case you don't know, fire crackers are banned in Singapore and this is truly the first that time that I see a real fire cracker. When they started burning, the noise they made was thunderous! But it really brought up the atmosphere to make use feel high~

Super big flats that start off the parade! The fire crackers and the flags are the first to go on the parade. They made a lot of noise and bring up the sensation of the audiences. I can see that the audiences are very high too as they were laughing and dancing all along~

At the end of the parade, there was a grand finale. I love the finale!!!! There were fireworks right in front of me. As I was on the float, I got a super clear view of the fire works and then suddenly the confetti sprayed up like snowflakes flying all around. They are pink, purple, yellow and red confetti flying all around me and with the fireworks going up on the sky. It's really romantic!

Talking about romantic, a few girls came up to me and asked me what I am posing as. I told them and they told us that we looked very romantic like this~ LOL of course we are romantic la~

Then at one point, a few girls thought that we are statues. When my partner suddenly moved, they got a fright!! Hee hee...

I haven got any pictures of the parade as I was on the float. I can't possibly take photos. However, I will try to look around the net to find photos of the finale. I wanna show you guys how high everyone is at the finale and how beautiful the confetti is!

I also found this video an audience posted up on youtube. It's a video of our segment. Though the video didn't really capture me (only see me riding through) you can listen to the beautiful music and see the little butterflies dancing~

Chingay Parade 妆艺 2010 (3) - Butterfly Lovers (梁山伯与祝英台)。

Not bad right? I love the music. It really brought me into the mood of being 祝英台, gave me the feelings of being torn apart with my love one and finally be able to see him, that kinda feeling and 感动. I almost cried!

Another video, also cannot see me one.. :P can only see me pass by...

This is not the end of the chingay. We had a round of heartland tour. I just went to Woodlands and Yishun on last sunday. I will blog about it too and funny stuff also happened during the tour..


jeremy said...

Chingay 2010 @ North

Chingay 2010 @ F1 Pit

Universal Studios & Light of Spring

River Hong Bao 2010 (春到河畔)

Northpoint & Read Bridge

Chinatown & Clake Quay

Anonymous said...


:P that chocolate car look so pretty and yummy. Is the golden stuff chocolate too? (eatable?)

I wonder what are they gonna do with the vehicle after the parade. (feeling hungry~~)

Kongming said...

mayb KL can b e other butterfly next time

jeremy said...

Check this out, I think I am the one who took your picture that day

By the way, i replied your message here -, please reply back. Thanks.

Miko said...

littlebird: lol, that chocolate is all fake... i wish its real too because it looks so yummy~ It's really cute right? hee hee but I still like that madagascar float best... :) I am not sure what they will do to the float. I think they will just dismantle it,

Anonymous said...


lol, i thought it's real chocolate, that's why I was asking what are they gonna do with the float after the parade: eat it/ melt it then eat it ? lol