Saturday, February 20, 2010

Chingay Preview

Yesterday I went for the Chingay rehearsal and took some photos. That day was not a full dress rehearsal so I didn't take any photos of myself but I will take some tomorrow.

There are floats with the 4 main races in Singapore, Chinese, Malays, Indian and Eurasian. I don't see the Eurasian one though. Weird. So I took the picture of the floats with the other 3 races. Of course, I am under the Chinese float which theme was 梁山伯与祝英台. I think our chinese float is very romantic, with flowers and butterflies all that.

Isn't it beautiful? The wings of 梁山伯 and 祝英台and their heads can move too. It's kinda cool to be standing on this romantic float. :)

This is the back of our butterfly lovers float. See the white pole? It is where we will be standing. I think the float is pretty with all those flowers. I will wear my flowery costumes and flowery hair pieces to match the float. Moreover my costume and hair pieces are also pink and green. Super matching. Skali I become camouflage in it lor.. :P

This is the indian float. I am not sure about the story behind the float though.

This is the Malay float. I think their story is about a princess and a prince being separated by 2 mountains. So they get to see each other only once a year or something. Not too sure.

I think the best float of all is the Universal Studios float! You can see the characters of Madagascar on it! So cute! I will take a photo of all the floats tomorrow if I got the time.

This is for the opening of the ceremony. There will be fire crackers for the first time since it was banned in Singapore.

And all these baby cribs are so cute righ?

I hid my scrump bag in the float during my rehearsal. The other people also hid their bags in the float. LOL.

Tomorrow the president will be there to start the show so it's going to be grand event. He will be on the first float with a big unicorn. Look out for it!


jeremy said...

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Anonymous said...


wow, you will wear that flower costume set? super. Please must take photo and video.