Monday, March 01, 2010

Chingay at Heartland

I took part in the Chingay at heartland events. We toured at Woodlands, Sembawang, Yishun, Tampines then Chinatown. The heartland events were very super tiring but it was still fun. On the first parade at North, The whole parade took like 4 hours!!! I don't know why it took so long. The poor people staying there were waiting for us to come for a long time.

The 4 hours parade travelled like 28km through Woodlands to Yishun. We didn't have any breaks, no drinking or eating or toilet break. We just moved on and on and on..

I was very tired of course. Wearing the costume and having the heavy head dress but then when I see the audience, I still have to smile and wave. I felt happy too when the people there seems very happy to see us. No matter how tired I am, I will still smile and wave because the audiences have waited for a long time for the floats to come. It will be unfair to them if we don't do our part.

This is the first time I smiled continuously for 3.5 hours, and wave for that long too. Wave till my arm ache. I told my friends that I smile and wave more than the president does in a year!

We were like super stars when we got off the float finally at Yishun! There were camera flashing all over and we just stood there and let people come to us to take photos. LOL, Now I know how it feels like to be a super star, with so many cameras flashing around you.

I didn't take any pictures in the woodlands parade because we were too busy! Busy posing for others to take photos and busy drinking and resting whenever we can.

One funny thing happened at the woodlands tour though. LOL Remember our dearest Ying Tai's arm stretching out? She kept hitting the trees by the road side and one by one her fingers broke off!!! Everyone were like,"Woah! Look at that statue got no fingers!!!!"

Finally one finger left and Phyllis told me that it will be funny if that last finger broke. I told her it will only be funny if the whole arm broke off!

At the exact moment when I finished my sentence, our yingtai's arm broke off! And I mean the whole arm broke into pieces!!! We were so stunned Phyllis kept laughing her head off saying that what I said came true..

Poor ying tai has got no arm for the rest of the parade.

Through the parade, I heard the people calling out to me sometimes and Phyllis said they are lecherous men around her. LOL.. I heard one who shouted '英台我爱你!' Another one shouted '英台英台英台!' continuously. Phyllis cannot stand it lor. HAhaha she kept saying,'wah lau... so lecherous...'

Got one funny one lor.. ask me if I am 嫦娥! Hahaha..

Then Phyllis said why is it that all the people who took photos said thank you to me but no one said thank you to her. LOL I told her that she can change to dress up as a girl lah if she wants. But she dun want.

Yesterday, we got another heartland parade at Chinatown. This is a bigger event as there were even fireworks and fire crackers. They even have some performers there to dance. But we waited a very long time around the float so we got time to take pics. Hahaha.. Lots of pics in fact!

Oh yah, on both days, I did make up for ALL the 6 ppl!!! Can you imagine that? I drained myself out by doing make up for 6 people! It's not easy and it's a very tiring thing to do. Susan said my make up matched the event and so I have to do for all of us. I took like 4 hours to do make up for all of us. This is Phyllis after my magical make up, her eyes were bigger. But I haven do her eyebrows yet so she look abit weird here.

Nice or not? Not bad right? I think I can go do part time make up for such events liao. :P

The 2 山伯, which one more handsome??

We make a crazy pair of 梁山伯祝英台 because we are always up to something crazy and Phyllis is always up to doing something silly also. Like taking random pictures of me..... -_-"

This one very cool shanbo, still talking on the phone like doing very big business like that. Hahaha.

Poor Yingtai got her arms back!!! Dunno which hospital got such good plastic surgery lor. Can re-attach her arms back so perfectly. No scars at all! But then they changed the direction of her arms so that she dun knock into anymore branches. We decided to pose with the new arms position.

Susan like to do all these cool positions...

And another stylo malo positon.

And one with her tiger friend.

Beautiful night scenery in Chinatown.

We requested to take photos with these sexy ladies! They are really very sexy lor but it's good lah. Weather so hot.

Phyllis and me decided to act cool with susan. So we followed her and do her favourite 'headache' pose....

And this... thinking of something pose....

Next up, candid shots of us taken by a friend. She was there to help out and take photos for us! Thanks!!

We are posing for the audiences, they like to take photos~

Romantic float.

And this phyllis looking very bored. Like she is going to fall asleep if nothing exciting happens.

Then she found something to do by gossiping with Susan. dunno what they talking about..

Phyllis: Wah, there got 2 apples for $1! Very cheap!!

Susan: Wah lau, $1 where got cheap? I saw one at 2 for 50cents!

They decided to tell the news of the cheap apples to Ying tai...

Susan and Phyllis: Ying tai! We found one stall sell apples at 2 for 50 cents only! We go buy leh before the floats move away.

But Ying tai cant be bothered.

Susan being the more attentive Shan bo checked out what is wrong with Ying tai. Why she look so sad. Hahaha..

The 3rd shanbo was left out from the apple conversation. She is more independant.

Some candid shots of us.. wandering around the floats.

Nothing else better to do, Phyllis looking up the sky, it's a full moon. I am only worried about my wig falling off.

Finally at 8+pm the floats started moving around Chinatown. It was very very crowded there as there were many tourists and the fireworks attracted the fireworks fans.

During this waiting time, Phyllis took some silly photos of me.. Which she commented that I look like a cat.... But I think my blog too long so I blog again in other entries. :)


fr said...

The spectators just love to click away.

Unfortunately, I was further down the road (at Chinatown). It was quite dark and my zoom and flash were not good enough, so I couldn't get a good front shot of your group of 'superstars'.

Miko said...

FR~ why is it that u always appear somewhere near me and yet i never see u before? weird right?

lol but did you see our float? I think our float is romantic wor... nice??

btw we not superstars leh.. i just quote example only.