Thursday, June 19, 2008

Woodlands Jetty

I went to Woodlands Jetty some time ago to walk walk. It was a fine day and there were some people there fishing and doing nothing. Kanglong told me that he once saw a crocodile there. I think it swam over from Malaysia lor. How can Singapore got crocodiles right? They are all in the zoo liao.

Anyway we saw alot of monkeys at the jetty. They were doing nothing, idling around, attacking the rubbish that people left behind.
Monkeys are such carefree creatures....

Free roaming monkeys wondering around the road. There are few cars there so it's still quite safe for them to run around.

Monkey licking the water bottle. It removed the plastic wrapping and started licking it. I don't why the hell it's licking the bottle as there's nothing on it.

2 monkeys~

Look at this small monkey. It was all drenched. Think he maybe took a bath at the drain below.

The drenched monkey posing for me while I took his photo.

Other people taking photos and playing with the monkeys. I think the monkeys enjoyed all the attention too. hahaha...

Company treated us dinner yesterday and Lock ordered a banana milkshake with nuts named Monkey Business.

Me : Monkey like nuts meh?

Lock : I think so, monkey got eat nuts.

Me : They shell the nuts themselves?

Lock : Don't know but I think they buy shelled nuts...

Me : I only know monkeys can peel bananas.

Lock : And they can drink coconut juice. They can break the husks with their hands.

Me : Yah, very powerful hands.

Lock : What a life monkey has.. Roaming the beaches, drinking coconut juice and eating bananas. Think monkeys got one of the best life in the world.

Me : Yah lor, let's be monkeys in our next life.

Hahaha.. conclusion is monkey got good life. They roam the beach, eat the bananas and drink coconut juice....


Anonymous said...

sg actually still got some crocodiles in the wild, reservoirs n some ulu swamps in lim chu kang, they r probably still around, tigers no.

Anonymous said...

animals thrive on their ignorance for their so call good life, they don't require much except for food sleep sex play & shelter.

ignorance is bliss except that comes with it's own set of problems.

for example they cant buy a ipod, cant appreciate opera, cant blog n they definitely cant travel n take photos.

if monkeys can comprehend what u/we do/can do, would they rather exchange places with u or remain monkeys?

Miko said...

oh.. got 2 anonymous leh.. so mysterious sia~

anonymous 1: no tigers in sg ah.. if got tigers then very exciting lor.. Police can go tiger hunting.. no need to sit in police station everyday.

anonymous 2: Erm.. we only talk kok la.. as you all know (if you all got read my posts often) I talk kok alot in my blog lor. nothing serious here. You are cake+tea? If you are then I will explain talking kok means talking nonsense during free time.

Anonymous said...

cake + tea said:

Monkey licking the bottle: I hope he is not eating the glue. Coz I know some glue is like a 'excitng' med or drugs, some people use that. I hope he is not doing that.

The last photos: I like this photos. Coz there is some children size monkeys. I especially like that baby monkey, he is lying on the ground playing, so cute.

Thanx for sharing those photos, I like animals.

from anonymous with a name.

Anonymous said...

i m not cake + tea, anonymous 1 & 2 are the same person which is me.

well, i understand u like to talk cock sometimes, but i m not saying anything serious either, just a casual comment.

i'd say, it's just differences in style of expression, not a difference in serious or cock.

i would hardly consider ulu swamps, monkeys n ipods serious talk ;)

Miko said...

cake+tea: I am glad you like the photos~ I don't know if the bottle contains glue but its funny to see the monkey licking it. i like the monkeys too I think they are funny.. :)