Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Incident in Iran

I said before that I want to blog about a bus waiting incident in Iran but in the end I never blog. Haiz, that's cuz I got no mood to write the entry already so I just leave it. Now got some mood so I better write it down before it's gone again.

The day we went to snow mountain, we were supposed to meet up at the foot of the mountain at 2pm for the coach to come pick us up.

However, there was a MEGA traffic jam! The coach couldn't reach us at all and so we waited... and waited... and waited...

Very boliao waiting for the coach so we decided to take more photos...

Ang very cold... she already cannot tahan and still got to wait for the coach. Think she must be very angry.. pek cek.. irritated and regretted coming at all. She didn't want to join us at first because she might not be able to stand the cold but I think Chua made her follow us cuz she is the head mah. Haiz.. she can don't come one lor. Then at least we won't feel so pressured even when playing.

Falzi pouting away because he slipped and fell...

Jiang da was collecting snow with his coat lor. Hahaha... then he can become snowman.

Aiyoh, Jiang Da and Naiba hugging each other lor.. trying to get some warmth issit.

After we took enough photos, we realised that we have been waiting there for quite long le and the coach was still kana stuck somewhere out there. We got a hard decision to make. To wait or to walk?

We didn't know how much longer we gotta wait but we also don't feel like walking on this slippery path downhill. Very dangerous leh. Later I fall and hit my backside.

Final decision was to walk down lah.. Ang cannot take it anymore. She want to get to the coach asap. Think the one in the picture above is YH..

I am glad we walked down anyway because we saw some interesting stuff.

Look! A cute post box which looked like a mushroom!

We saw lots of big fields of snow like the above on the way down. I think they were carparks. They accumulated lots of snow and Naiba couldn't resist it. He just got to go there and plunge himself into it.

Look at this, it was so deep lor. Can't even tell who the person in the photo is. Only know one of them is Jiangda. I didn't jump into it because plunging your leg in there is going to make my already wet jeans wetter and my already soggy socks, soggier.

We continued the way down. I was walking super slowly and carefully and Naiba as u can see above was holding on to me, afraid that I might slip. It was very super slippery lor. In the end I still slipped and fell and cuz Naiba was holding me, I pulled him down and we fell together. Hahaha~ yay~ want to fall must fall together mah right. What is YH doing in the photo above?

Jiangda and YH walking. It was a very nice street and I think it is one of the prime areas in Iran. The houses there were very new and nice looking and most of them were like condos. Must be for the rich people one.

Finally after walking for like 30 min, we reached a sheltered spot to wait for the coach. We stood there for like another 30 min for the coach to come. Ang was quiet all these time. She did comment that we all forget about her and go mad once we started playing. oops..

See this picture very nice:

The street where we waited for the coach was very very pretty. And so we started a frenzy session of photo taking again.

My godfather took a photo here.... Nice background right.. can make wallpaper le.

Falzi also took photo here. Look at the houses behind. Finally the coach arrived and we scarmble on to it, all shivering like mad. QY was going to cry cuz she needed to go toilet very urgently. In the end we found a place for her to go relieve herself if not she will really cry.

Nice right? Actually Iran is a very nice place.

Lock wanted to go Iran too after looking at the photos! If there is a chance, I would like to go back also during the winter. Like quite romantic. But please don't go Mt TT on Fridays cuz it's the Iranians' day off and there will confirm be a jam there.

YH told me at the snow mountain that she wants to stay there forever and not return to SG le. Hahaha.. Think she will go mad after staying for just 1 week. So cold and so lonely there!


Kongming said...

let her freeze there for a week bah... then wont sms the whole world her favor msg

Anonymous said...

ya..i hope i will just freeze to death there and never return back to spore...yh