Monday, June 23, 2008

Air tickets going up

Because of the rising fuel costs all over the world. The price of air tickets have gone up to. Previously, the fuel surcharge for going to Guangzhou was $167. Now it's $240! Mad or what??? Haiz. I am now having second thought on whether I should go holidays.

At first my cousins and I were planning to go Guangzhou somewhere this year but I am considering again to go or not because the ticket price has rose. Some more I might be buying costumes so I got to save that money for costumes. Siong leh like that.

I told YH yday that if she goes to TW, she can help me buy costumes lor. Then I no need to go personally. But then again, I don't know if I will like the designs she choose. She told me that I should trust her because alot of expermients show that we indeed got similiar tastes. Hmm.. See how lor. Going TW personally to buy costume will to pay an extra of $1000 or so for misc stuff like air tickets, hotel, transport and food. So ultimately, I think asking YH to choose for me will be more cost effective.

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