Wednesday, June 04, 2008


One day, I was looking at the costume that I asked QY to make for me. It was half done and after looking at it, I folded it up and asked Kanglong to put it in my wardrobe while I go bathe. Little did I know that he explored my wardrobe and told me,"I realised that you REALLY got alot of clothes."

Oh no! My secret kana discovered!

He also told me that alot of those clothes he didn't even see me wear before. Hahaha.. I think 80% of my clothes were worn like 1-5 times a year only. MD told me that my clothes will be worn for 1 day and kept in the cupboard for the next 364 days.

Don't be so bad can? My clothes will be sad lor.

Clothes 1: Haiz... I think Miko only wear me once lor. And I have been in this wardrobe ever since.

Clothes 2: Better than you, at least I got worn a few times already through all these years.

Clothes 3: *Sob sob*.. I think I haven't be worn at all since I was bought!

I got try to wear my 'leng gong' (cold palace) clothes more often but the thing is I don't really have a chance to wear. When I go work, I can't be bothered to choose the clothes. Then on weekends, I need to go rehearsals and that forbids me to wear nice dresses. Kanglong said that I have alot of dresses. That's true. I got so many dresses that I have no chance to wear. Haiz...

The worse thing is..... I am still buying new clothes! Oh no... I just cannot stop myself when I see cheap and nice clothes. I feel that I am letting myself down by not buying them. Hohoho.... I got a insatiable appetite for clothes. It's the GSS again! I have bought yet another... 5 tops? and 1 dress. And I am still thinking of buying shoes.. Oh no, the shoes cupboard is also full of my shoes!

My mum dreads my wardrobe. She told me that it is already impossible to put in anymore clothes. I told her to try fold and stack them since the hanging bar is so full. She told me that folding area also almost full already. Every morning, when I try to get some clothes out of the wardrobe, I will need to take out 3 at a time because they are so so so closely hanged together. hahaha... I think I need a 3rd cupboard (yes, I already got 2). My mum says that buying a new cupboard won't help cuz I can fill them up in a super fast speed.

My mum hates my wardrobe cuz she everyday got problems hanging in the clothes.

Many people suggested me to donate the clothes or sell them off. It's a good idea but... I love my clothes leh! I cannot sell them off. It's just like asking me to sell off my hair pieces. I seldom use them but I love them mah. I seldom wear some of the dresses but I love the dresses! Cannot sell lor...

So the only way out is... wait for the clothes to become old or spoilt. Haiz.. but guess what... they never spoil or grow old! How incredible can that be? They just stay there good as new. I have got a few pieces which has been there since 10 years ago and they are still as good as new. Think this sat I will wear one of my 10 years old dress to COI... Hahaha... but must change to track pants there.. very mah fan.

This clothes problem has been haunting me for a long time and my mum has been constantly nagging about helping me donate out my clothes.. Noooo.. she can't do that!

Cupboard 1... Look at the hangers..

Cupboard 2...


Anonymous said...

1.Group your fashions: jeans, dress, pants, tops, jackets, etc etc
2. Go thru each group, select the “keeps” and “don’ts”
3. One box or luggage, to put clothes that you cannot make decision. Then go back and make the decision later.
4. For the don’ts, donate them. Or if you want, you can sell the never been wore out, if it worth the time, and the earning is balancing.

sHeDiCo said...

haha wait till u see my wardrobe!! though i only have 1 cupboard but all my new clothes is still stacking, I dun remember buying them sometimes!! gosh

SmartChic said...

U girls are scary~~~

Unlike yall, I only buy clothes once a year, before Chinese New Year.

And every year, I'll remove the old clothes before hanging the new clothes in.

And everytime when I remove the old clothes, my mum 不舍得丢掉 and she will start to stack up in her wardrobe.


Miko said...

hahaha.. in the end its your mum that's stacking up clothes, not you lor.