Thursday, April 17, 2008

Phenomenon - Green Flash

OK, boys and girls, it's phenomenon time again!

Today I want to intro this rare phenomenon called the Green Flash Sunset. Actually there is a Green Flash Sunrise too but it's harder to catch.

I dunno how many of you heard of this before but I heard about it some years ago that you can actually see a flash of green during sunset if the timing and conditions are right. Forgot where I saw it, probably from some wacky websites.

This green flash is actually caused by refraction of light through the atmosphere. The denser atmosphere will filter out the colours of the sunset to green. Hmm.. hard to imagine, see photos~

This phenomenon only happens for a fraction of a second so you must be really attentive when watching the sunset.

A nice photo showing a streak of green at the rim of the sun.

This is a mirage + green flash. Amazing catch I think to see the mirage with a green flash.

Besides the photos, you can also search for the videos of this phenomenon in Youtube. I have tried to look for it before and there are some excellent videos there. Just in case if you are interested to know more, you can go wikipedia to read up on it too~

OK, if I suddenly remember anymore phenomenon, I will blog them up~

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