Friday, April 18, 2008

NSC Appointment

I think I am so fat and ugly I have no choice but to go to NSC to see a doctor. Hopefully the doctor can give me some good elixirs to get rid of my pimples and scars. Oh man, I really got to save money so that I can spend them on some cosmetic surgery to make my face look better lor.

My appointment is on 25 Apr next week. Purposely set it on a Friday so that I can take 1/2 day off and go shopping after that. So good right....

Like I said, I am fat and ugly so for the ugly part, I will leave it to NSC to settle. For the fat part, I have employed a personal trainer to help me lor. Haiz, I think it's very difficult for me to lose weight cuz of my super tight schedule nowadays. Imagine, 4-5 days a week have got rehearsals and they sometimes last till 11+pm. By then I will be so dead tired. I also need to help out with doing the posters and typing out scripts. That really left me with little time to do work out.

I complained to my personal trainer about this fat and tight schedule issue and hopefully, we can come up with a good plan to lose weight lor.

Haiz, life sucks lor. I think it's better to die la.

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Kongming said...

for e X million times... u r not fat, for e Y million times... u r not ugly...