Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Stupid photo of me

Wanna show this stupid photos to you guys....

It was taken at home after my shower, I was meddling with the laptop and then someone put this naiba dog on my head. (The dog is called naiba dog cuz naiba gave it to me in Iran)

Hahaha.. I looked kinds ugly but at the same time I think it's funny so I am sharing with you guys lor.. so nice of me right!


Anonymous said...

wah not bad ah. recently yr blog getting more exciting.

got more pictures like this anot?


Miko said...

Mad lor you, hahah.. you are only interested in ugly photos of me!!! So bad!!! Don't friend you liao~

Hey you got blog or not ah? To show off the photos you took.

sHeDiCo said...

the dog is cute.... i thought u got a new dog!

Miko said...

Hee hee.. it looks prretty real huh..