Monday, April 07, 2008

Tomb Sweeping

As blogged before, there are only 2 annual family gathering in the Huang Family. The first will be Chinese New Year and the second will be Qing Ming. These are the only 2 times when I will see some relatives. And as each year passed by, less and less relatives join us for this Qing Ming event. However, this year there was an increase in participants.

We arrived at the cemetry at 5:30am... Yawnzzzz.....

The dark dark cemetry.... lined neatly with tombs, home of the dead.

My ah ma, she doted on me alot when she was alive. We were talking about our impressions of her. Only me and another cousin, Zhen Yin aka Smartchic, has got impressions of her. Chu yun was too young at that time to remember and xiao jing wasn't borned yet. Think my brother remembers her too but my bro wasn't in the conversation. He was isolating himself at another corner.

Look at all the offerings we have for her~Lots of money, clothes, shoes and misc stuff.

This is my father, posing for the camera and asking me not to take photos of him. This year, another blogger, Shedico aka Chu Yun, took photos too. She has started blogging not so long ago. Another blogger, Smartchic, never bring camera but she is going to kapo the photos from our blogs.

Last year, my father didn't like my idea of taking photos in the cemetry but I took anyway for my blog. This year, he doesn't seems to mind very much judging from his expression above.

Zhenyin exploring Chu yun's camera while Chu yun was scratching her legs. She kana lots of bites from the mozzies.

But they decided to pose for me. Cheese!

Let the fire begin burning. HAHAHA... (sinister laugh) Burn burn BURN!

During the burning session, I said loudly,"Huat ah!"

My aunt asked who was that shouting huat ah. I said it's me. She said,"Yuying also know how to say 'Huat ah' nowadays. hahaha.."

There was this posh car parked beside our burning offerings and our fire mercilessly spitted smoke onto that car. My uncle also mercilessly threw all the 'open road' paper strips in the sky and lots of them landed on the car. We were saying the car owner was stupid lor. Park beside the burning bin... Think the car owner saw that we are messing up with his car and he drove away immediately.
The sky was brightening when we were almost finished.

And that concludes the last family event of the year.

See you guys on Lunar New Year 1st day!


sHeDiCo said...

hey thats like so interesting we all look kinda tired... i blog mine too liao do take a look

Miko said...

ya ya~ i went to see ur post liao but ur blog cannot leave comments~ too bad lor...