Monday, April 21, 2008

French Class with Kids

Last Saturday, I went to Pasir Ris East CC at 11am to attend this French class for kids. I know that although I am a kid at heart, I am no longer a kid physically. So I was not there to attend lesson.

My teacher, Mr Tham, realised that Lock and me can speak quite a fair bit of french and so he invited us to his kiddy french class so that we can utilise our french. In a way, we can pick up more by doing this.

I reach Pasir Ris Interchange at 10.50am and looked for the bus to go to that CC. After checking the directories, I saw that bus 358 goes there so I took it. I looked at the surroundings carefully so as not to miss the CC but the bus goes one big round and went straight back to the interchange! Dammit.

I sms Lock that I took the bus which brought me around Pasir Ris and back to the interchange without passing by the CC. Lock replied me with 'Vous n'etes pas tres intelligente' which means 'you are not very intelligent'.

Stupid Lock.

So finally, I found the CC by taking bus 12.

I entered the classroom which consisted of about 14 kids from age 8-14 I think. I joined Lock at a remote corner table to observe the class.

Never did I imagine that these little kids were actually DEVILS in disguise.....

They shout, they pester, they walk around like nobody business, disturbing the class all the time! I can see that Mr Tham was having a very difficult time trying to keep thos kids under control. He was distributing donuts for those kids who answer questions correctly and the boys in the class keep interrupting that they wanted a donut although they didn't answer any questions. They even tried to sneak to that box of donuts without permission!

The girls were slightly better but there were a few active ones too. They didn't pester the teacher for donuts but they will say things like they are stronger than the boys and they can answer all the questions etc.

After the class, the boys once again pester Mr Tham to give them the left over of the donuts. One even pester to have the sugar left in the box! Mr Tham said that they cannot take the sugar in the box but the boy sneaked over and used his fingers to pinch out bits of sugar....

I wonder.. I really wonder if they learn anything in the class at all. Sometimes I felt that they were not even listening.

I think I will not have any kids in future. I will faint!

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