Monday, August 20, 2007

PJ's Bday

Last week's Monday, went to meet PJ for her bday party at Kbox. We had K buffet and surprisingly, the food was good! Hee hee.. quite worth it la.

Now, she is officially 25 years old. I will be officially 25 years old soon too! Getting older and older le. Wrinkles are going to start appearing soon! I gotta fast buy some anti-aging products and eat more collagen.

The good food at Kbox but too bad you all can't see the details of the food.

Besides me and ah-dee (Judy our old fren also), PJ also invited her sec sch mates. I dunno them la but they quite friendly lor and they sing quite well too. I think they are abit paiseh so they never really talked much. Unlike me lor... Gabbling all the way.

Judy was having a concert that day cuz she sang alot of songs and she chose a whole long list of songs lor. Me and PJ were surprised then we say she was having concert.. hahah anyway we 'cha bo' her songs so it was still ok... :D

PJ's bday cake! Hahaha see got so many candles... PJ nagged alot when she realised that there were 28 candles. She said that later ppl tot she is 28 years old. So old le... hahaha.. actually 28 years old is not very far away lor, 3 years later only mah... we will all be 28years old le..

Most importantly is must think young, act young and look young. How old also never mind mah right!

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