Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Funny clips

My father asked me to see this funny clip. It was written by a Malaysian who is studying in Taiwan but M'sia thought that such a song is an insult to their country so they are going to sue this guy and bring him back to M'sia.

The news said that he is a talent in song writing and has wrote more than 300 songs.

And another one.. also very funny but he got insult Singapore. Mad kia.

And this one is very rude.. but also funny..


Anonymous said...

hahah.. the clips very funny. I think no wonder Mysia wants to catch the composor - indeed go some insulting element hor...xj

Anonymous said...

ehhhhhhh... just watched 2nd clip. walieu - ki xiao?xj

Miko said...

ki siao lor.. insult sg. He said that sg ppl become very spoon fed, dunno how to survive outside sg but I think that is not true because the main business ppl are running here is world trade mah and trading needs to deal with ppl from all over the world. If sg ppl really so spoon fed then i think we will all die if we go out and make business with outside world.

Anyway the clips are just for luffs. this m'sian guy said that he wrote these songs to alert the m'sian gov to look into the unfair treatment of m'sian chinese.