Friday, August 24, 2007

Ben lai..

Ben lai i don't want to blog for the time being cuz I super tired but then I today suddenly got ling gan....

Just want to introduce you all the Huan Bao chopsticks too! They are selling in Taiwan so that ppl can bring their own personal chopsticks when they dine outside. Reason being the bamboo chopsticks sucks!

Why they sucks leh???

Cuz they are dirty and full of chemicals. We will all die if we eat with the chopsticks too much. For YH she can use the bamboo chopsticks la cuz she want to die mah.. haiz..


Wanna see how dirty the choppies are?? See SmartChic's blog here:

I wanna buy it when I go TW in Oct. Hopefully they can be easily found in any shops~


Anonymous said... "xian" and "want to die" is the In thing right?....xj

Miko said...

no lor.. only IN in between some of us