Monday, August 20, 2007

18.08.07 - Coi

That day we started practicing on MLJ again. YH and me very jialat sia, we have totally forgot about our movments so we just 'hun shui mo yu' through our scene. I think everyone got no mood to rehearse, including Ang. May got confused over her stage positions and kana repeating it many times.

Ang has decided to open another class because there are too many students in our class and those who joined not long ago know nothing about opera but we are too busy rehearsing and Ang got no time to teach them. So she decided to open a beginners class for those new comers. Those who thinks that they are not up to it can join this class too. Then she started picking out the beginners.

Basically those she picked were those who joined less than 2 years but a few others wanted to join. The first one is QY then May.. then a few more others.. I think the beginner's class has got more students than the normal class le.

I think if too many of the old students join then it defeats the purpose of the class le lor. The beginners might have less time to practice. Anyway I got no time to join another class. Gotta spare some time for my other classes and breaks.

Maybe I will visit the class and see what they practicing when I free ba...

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cailing said...

hmm.. gt beginner class ar. haha. maybe i will join a yr later when i am off from my poly life! haha. and continue to blog lah. i gt visit ur opera blog when i am free ^^