Monday, September 10, 2007


The first time I idolise anyone was the Grasshoppers. You know who are the grasshoppers? You cannot dunno lor cuz they were the best singing group for many years until some dunno what ikan bili group took over and they went into acting.

They are the 3 grasshoppers! I remember that I was in primary school when I idolised them. I love their songs. They have this very famous song, Shi Lian. Everyday I go home after school, I will play the CD and started singing and dancing around like the way they dance in the MTVs. My father like their songs too so he had a CD in his car. Everytime when we go out during sundays, I will listen to their songs in the car. I know nothing about going after idols at that time. I just know that I like to listen to their songs and sing along with them.

I remember that I told my father if grasshoppers ever come to SG for concert, I will want to watch and he has to sponsor me. He said ok. A few months ago they had a concert in SG. I crave to go see them!!! Finally after so long, my wish is fulfiled but unfortunately, that exact same day I was not in SG or I got performance. I dunno which one. So in the end I never go to see the concert. So sad.... They are already quite old and they won't open another concert any time soon. I think the last time they had one was about 10 years ago.

So in the end, I bought the dvd.

This was the DVD I bought a few days ago. Lovely cover isnt it? So I watched the DVD happily at home and recaptured my childhood. Singing along those ever so familiar tunes and dancing away.

Haiz... my childhood was quite happy I think. Everyday happily singing and dancing.. when not doing homework. My idol was the grasshoppers.. my first idol. They sing well.. they can compose their own songs, choreograph their own dance and they dance well! Yay! I hope one day I can get to see their concert... ! :(

Sometimes I do think the grasshoppers are a bit extreme tho.. always doing some weird stuff or challenging some extremes, always do weird zao xing.. even dressing up as women.. abit extreme... but.. I still like their songs. haha. Many ppl criticise them for being old and singing those old fashion old songs... and they too extreme etc...



Their concert got a full house lor.. so heck those stupid few ppl who criticise. Hahaha...

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