Tuesday, July 03, 2007

KTV session again

We always have KTV session. It's a national hobby you know.

May, YH and me went KTV on Sunday. May was dressed like an auntie and the 2 of them just had a very tough battle of MJ. Me on the other hand had just finished rehearsing for LYX, so we met up at Hougang.

May refused to be photographed.. Hahaha.. she didn't draw her eyebrows mah.

YH also refused to be photographed... hahaha.. so funny.. no face to see the world issit.


Anonymous said...

u are rite mk...i got no face see the world...i hope i just die off and dun need see the world at all....yh

Miko said...

die la die la.. all go to hell and all go and die.. the earth will be so peaceful then.