Monday, July 09, 2007


NDP 2007 was great! It was the first time that NDP is celebrating at Marina, on a floating stage. I think it was a good idea because with the water surrounding the stage expanded the area of performance.

The water stage, made to look like waves.

CBD area...

Very funny lor, a singer named Asha supposed to come sing but she didn't come cuz it was just a rehearsal. So, they got a girl to go on stage holding the sign 'Asha'. Very funny right.. my god..

When the ministers were supposed to arrive (which they didn't because it was a rehearsal), there were replacements holding signs like '1st cab. m', meaning first cabinet minister... hee hee.

But the most shiok one is..

The replacement president.... shiok lor... can pretend to be president, wave at everyone.. and everyone salutes to you..

There was also supposed to be a dragonboat race but there was no dragonboat. So, there were 3 SPEEDBOAT. HAhaha.. I was telling my friend, "Dragonboat can travel so fast meh?"

Fake one lor yuan lai.

The marching parade..

This is our tradition, every year the helicopters will fly around Singapore with the SG flag.

The soldiers marching by..

NS 40, National Service 40~

The elite commandos jumping off the bridge into the water. We thought that was funny cuz.. they didn't do much except jumping into the water..

Suddenly pop out of no where.. pose there for us to take photos.

The military defense show~

The theme for this item is under the sea....

Then these balls of light floated in.. we were wondering what they were.. Then the answer dawned upon us.

Jelly fish! Don't they look sooooo cute~???

A curtain of bright sparks...

A light boat appeared from under the curtain of sparks and sailed towards the stage. Then I heard Uncle's voice but it was not prominent. There were some other people singing too and the music was not tradtional nanyin music. A new remix music. Then I realised that Uncle was actually on that boat. Anyway, he didnt appear for a long time.. Just for awhile then finish le.

The boat can move onto the stage!

Fire was used in the performance too~

Finally the Finale~ With jellyfish balls behind!

A sea of sparks~ So nice..

Watching fireworks is the Singaporean national hobby.

Even the top of a office building is spouting firworks!

Very funny.. now throw rubbish also got lucky draw. We put a sticker with a number on it onto the plastic bag and keep the receipt of the number. Abit kua zhang lor.. Want us to throw our own rubbish also no need to be so kuazhang.. to organise a lucky draw for rubbish bags.

This year's NDP really not bad. must see if you all happened to be at home during the show.


SmartChic said...

hahaha... throw rubbish also got lucky draw?!



简直就是太 OVER 了!!

Kongming said...

wat e lucky draw prize?

Miko said...

It's extremely kuazhang lor, like that educate ppl a bit weird. ppl cannot automatic throw their rubbish meh? must use this kind of weird zhao to attract them throw rubbish.

anyway i still see many ppl leaving their rubbish at the spectator's seat.

MD: I dunno the prize. only say worth $9000.

fr said...

I was at the Esplanade warterfront, only saw the fighter planes streaking across the sky in formation...later got a loud BOOM! followed by more BOOMS...Everyone craned their necks to try to see the firing...

I guess the organizers instead of telling people 'Don't litter. Fine $', used this Kuazhang zhao to remind people..