Sunday, July 01, 2007

Gotham Penthouse

Yesterday night I went to Gotham Penthouse. It is actually a club at Clark Quay. After I finished my performance at about 9.30pm, I went home to remove my make up and put on some normal make up.. dressed up abit and longbang Susan's car to MRT. I met my friend at about 11+ then we went to Mcdonald's to eat something before chionging.

Gotham Penthouse's door charge is $20 which includes a drink. I only drank a glass of vodka lime yday which was not enough but bobian la, save $.

The reason for going to Gotham Penthouse was because my friend told me that there are handsome men performing there. Hahaha.. woo... I told my friend we can go see handsome men la.

The place was not very big and there were no seats as we went late, so we stood around and then dance abit on the dance floor. There was a handsome hunky guy selling some sort of drink and he asked my friend if she want to buy. Of course we don't want la, it was $10 per small glass. Think the guy's business must be quite good cuz he is good looking and he can talk well lor.

Later on, we saw an ang moh (one of the performers) dancing a sexy dance to a girl. My friend said that the girl was Li Zhi Qin but I couldn't see her face. She was luffing all the way while that ang moh dancer sit on her lap and do funny actions. Funny lor.

Ther prformance was supposed to start at 2am but I think it started late, at about 2.15am. There were 5 angmohs dancing on the stage, reavealing their G-strings at times.. The girls at the dance floor screamed like mad when they saw the angmohs' butt. Some of them even stretched out their hands trying to touch the angmohs' legs.

The show lasted for about 20 minutes then me and my friend had a break in another area which was quieter. She called up her hubby to pick us up so that we can go watch Transformers.

Stupid YX hp low batt, can't call him, everytime can't get through his line, he dead le I also dunno. Heck care.

Friend's hubby came at about 3.10am.. We wanted to catch the 3:15am show at first but we couldn't make it. We arrived at the cinema at 3:25 ba, so we bought tickets for the 3.55am show.

The show was nice. I recommend you guys to see it. Quite exciting and funny at some parts. The show ended at 6.30am. Birds all woke up and the sky has brightened. I arrived hom at about 7am. Half dead. However, I was happy to stay out late. I hate to go home nowadays. Sian, the moment I think about staying at home for long hours is enough to kill me.

Anyway, I am going out again now, going to SL to practice Li Ya Xian.

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